A change is a comin....

Buddy dudes/dudettes and random stumblers!

Im making some changes to this blog in the upcoming few weeks (I hope!). A few of the changes are:

  • A new landing page for www.jigartronic.com
  • This blog is going to be a subdomain of that address and the address is going to be blog.jigartronic.com
  • I had an old photography tumblr (photobugger.tumblr.com) which im going to revamp and make it as an online portfolio for my photos and create it as a subdomain of jigartronic as well, addressed at photos.jigartronic.com. The photopage itself is called phototronic.tumblr.com

It’ll make sense, i promise. Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So if you guys arent yet aware, i have a photo set that im tastefully calling “Pakistan”, a set of photos taken during my recent trip back home this past winter at Cafe Milo for the month of March. If you’re in Ames, i would really appreciate it if you could go check it out!

Anyway, considering ive gotten a boost in my confidence regarding my photography and have gotten a lot of compliments on what i have shown so far, i am planning on posting one different photo that i have taken that i would like to share with everybody everyday for the month of March. I will start off with the photos that are currently hanging at Cafe Milo, in case you are not in town and are unavailable to check them out.

Im also setting up an online store to sell high quality prints for my photos at Jigartronic.bigcartel.com incase anyone was interested. Each photo will be put up on the store according to the response i get. You can email me for any questions you may have as well (absnaqvi@gmail.com)

I am excite!!! Hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoyed taking the photos and working on them.