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what dating Lee Minhyuk would be like;

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  • I think Minhyuk is the type to subconsciously pull you closer to him while he sleeps.
  • mutter sweet sentiments in your ear while hugging you from behind.
  • He adores that you cling to him on a morning, though he hates to see you pout when he has to leave.

“I know baby, but I have to go” he’d pout with a exaggeration to make you smile.

“Your smile is my favourite thing”

  • He was cheesy, there was no doubt about that.
  • he smiles uncontrollably when you complement him, he just cant help it
  • he’s infectious, his entire personality is infectious
  • he’d tell those horrible but yet lovable dad jokes that make the members crease in cringe
  • despite his showmanship, you love his sensitive side
  •  he isn’t afraid to admit that he’s wrong, he loves to know more about things and learn.
  • he’s justifiable, reasoning and responsible.
  • though sometime she is forgetful.

“Uh have you seen my keys?”

  • he’s so passionate about the things he loves. You’ve seen him sing in the studio and it melts your heart because his soul is poured into it.
  • He’s easily embarrassed

“Baby please stop dancing in the middle of the shop. you know I have to keep a low profile while I’m out”

“I’m not doing anything” you’d laugh while attempting to twerk on the cereal shelf.

  • He’s charismatic. whether its screaming at the members for stealing the last slice of pizza to posing for the photobook pictures.
  • Minhyuk, I think, would love to play with your hair. Long, or short, he will find a way to plait it and brag.
  • He saves all of your selfies, the double chins, the ugly ones, the gorgeous ones and show you off to the members.
  • meme. say no more.
  • he’s innocent, he gives off the  aura of innocence
  • until he acts like he does in fighter, strutting up and down your hallway with the blue steal pout.
  • he’s weird. But its the admirable weird. he makes you want to sit there and do unnecessary stuff because its fun.
  • you watch everything that he does. so when it comes to the things where he’s sexy, charismatic- he usually dancing in the background with some sort of jig which really makes you question him.
  • when he goes away, he’ll be the type to FaceTime you when it is night time for you

“Baby, you need to sleep”

“i don’t care if its nice to see my face, you need to sleep”

“Want me to sing?” Song off key to make you laugh.

  • He’s been the shoulder you needed when you needed to cry.
  • he was there for everything, every laugh, tear, pain and anger.
  • when he wakes up on a morning, he is completely unaware of everything in existence.
  • when he is asleep, his eyes are open slightly.

okay, it’s about to get a tad NSFW:

  • he’s got the sweet and innocent vibe going on, so I think he would be the type to follow your lead. Let you set it.
  • lip biting, because when isn’t that ever not hot on minhyuk
  • he has that stare, you know the one, where he’s completely and utterly piercing into your soul.
  • he’s teasing, avoiding what you want to do purposefully to make you whine.
  • he’s a menace, flirting sexily when around the members to make you blush
  • basically, you’re newly weds without the newly wedded part.

“Aw baby, you thought I was just cute” with a smirk and eyes that smoulder.

he is the type to sneak out of his dorm and go get vender food with you at 3 am in the morning, even though he’ll be tired the next day.

  • he coddles you
  • idolises you, treasure the ground you walk on.
  • he gives you his jumpers, lets you sleep in his shirt and boxers
  • hes cheeky

“I’m Lee Minhyuk! I can do what I want, when I want” he says as you tell him to have another bowl of rice.

“only because I want to” he’d state with defiance.

  • He’s caring, you’ve seen how he is with the members and its lovely.
  • he’s pure af
  • I think minkyuk is the type where he’s try to stay awake with you, to talk about anything and everything, but he’d fall asleep because youre just so darn comfortable.
  • he can be cocky
  • he can be sexily arrogant
  • but minhyuk? He’s selfless

“no no, you eat first”

“Baby? How much sleep have you had?”

“It’s ok, I can do this for you”

a/n: I hope this okay for you anon, I think minhyuk would legit just be the cutest ever because he has the type of personality where he’ll love to do everything. He’ll be interested in anything that you do, if you like to read? Then he’d ask you to read to him. He’s precious and more people should love him.

Hear me out...former Irish dance prodigy Poindexter

-Irish dance is a big thing here in Massachusetts. his mom probably signed him up for dance lessons as a kid to get him in touch with his Irish Heritage ™ and also to help him with his balance and coordination for hockey (a lot of parents will do this)

-it turns out he’s surprisingly good at it and ends up really liking it??! He has a lot of fun at classes and starts competing here and there. He goes to Regionals a few times and actually wins one year

-but Irish dance is expensive and so is hockey, so he has to make a decision and choose one or the other. Hockey wins out and he quits dancing after 6th grade but he misses it and sometimes wonders what would have happened if he’d stuck with it

-the team doesn’t know and dex wants to keep it that way, he doesn’t want to give them any more reason to chirp at him than they already do

-but then November rolls around and Jack ends up sending the team a very confused text about the fact that there are hundreds of girls in curly wigs wandering around outside the Falconers arena? (The Irish dance regional championships take place next to the Dunkin donuts Center in Providence, where Jack would play) and dex doesn’t think and is like “oh it’s just oireachtas season”

-which leads to some extensive googling/fb stalking and ends with nursey finding a picture of dex in a extremely sparkly vest and subsequently losing his frikkin chill

-the team chirps him a little but when St Patrick’s Day rolls around ransom and holster start begging him to teach them some moves and he begrudgingly agrees cause the sight of them attempting to do “an Irish jig” makes him physically cringe


Lunch at Raglan Road located in Disney Springs.

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Hey, can you please do #72, they're going to love you with either #75/76, you're one hell of a girl/guy with Nalu. Thank you, I love your writing.

Here you go, friend! ♥ Sorry for the wait and I did take some liberties with wording for these. 72: they’re going to love you, don’t worry + 75: you’re one hell of a girl. 
                    (prompt from here)

“I think I’ll put my hair up on the other side that way the focus is on the good half of my face,” Lucy says to the mirror, combing her hair with rapid efficiency. If it wasn’t for the fact that this was her third time redoing her hair, she would have considered this the fastest decision ever. Then Natsu sighs, cracking his neck, and she realizes that a whole fifteen minutes have passed since he got home.

“Lucy, what are you worrying about?”

“Your dad figuring out I’m a loony Lucy,” she replies, scrunching her nose as she fixes her bangs.

Natsu spins her around, hands dropping on her dresser and caging her in, a wry grin on his face. “You aren’t anymore loony than me.” 

“That’s not as reassuring as you might think.” 

“Hey, just tell my dad that, he’ll think you’re one hell of a girl then,” he says cheerfully, kissing her cheek reassuringly. She whacks his chest lightly, but he catches her wrist before it can connect, holding her hand He’s oddly affectionate, but then, when she thinks about it, perhaps that’s not so strange. His idea of personal space has always been slightly skewed, now she just gets to reap the benefits of it. “You look fine, let’s go.” 

“But what if…”

“Since when have you worried so much?” He interrupts, arching a brow.

“Since we have to tell your parents, who have never met me, by the way, that we accidentally got drunk and married in Vegas over three months ago.” Her eyes drift down to the ring on her finger; it was delicate with only a few small diamonds, but the sentimental reasons behind it were more important: it was a keepsake from his birth-parents that he had dug out to replace the bands they had gotten in Vegas. 

Natsu squeezes her hand, the gesture soft despite the way he rolls his eyes. “They’ve met you before, you weirdo.”

“Not before Vegas.”

“They met you when we became friends and two weeks after I kissed you, they invited you over for dinner. Hell, didn’t they try to fix us up on a blind date when we were twenty?” 

“That was before Vegas!” Which is the whole problem, really, because she isn’t sure how they’ll feel to know that Lucy and Natsu had tied the knot without any blessing. Not from her family – not that they had much say – or his. 

“They’re going to love you regardless,” he says, tugging on her ponytail as though she were ridiculous. She blows out a breath and he does a little jig of victory that makes her giggle. “Come on, Grandine is making spaghetti, you don’t want to miss that.”

She shoots him a suspicious look. “You told them what my favorite food is, didn’t you?”

Natsu grins, but says nothing, pulling her away from the mirror. “Let’s go, Luce!” 


The results of the Origami workshop :)

The workshop was organised by Everyday Origami whom you can find on facebook :)
She is organising several workshops throughout the month targeted either at young adolescents or adults (^-^)

The theme of that workshop was easter so we made a bunny, and an easter basket as well as a cherry blossom, a chopstick rest in the shape of a fan, a box and a hydrangea flower :3
It was a lot of fun although there were only few people taking part in it :)

I’m looking forward to visit the next workshop :3

It is also a good opportunity to visit Bergedorf :)

The workshop is not cheap but 20€ seems like a reasonable price to pay for someone spending 2 hours teaching you Origami and serving you tea (or coffee if you happen to prefer coffee over tea :)

I hope there will be more people visiting the next workshop :)
The theme will be mothers day. I’m curious what we will be making then :3

Recently my weeks are very busy and I’m not able to get much done on Tuesday and Thursday but I’m still doing things in my workshop although progress has been painfully slow so far (^-^;)

Today I started cutting some boxwood I want to make Ohashi from but sadly it cracked quite a lot while drying so there is only enough wood to make 2 pairs of chopsticks (^-^;) maybe I can make some nice chopstickrests from the other pieces :3
I need to finish some other thing before I start working on the jigs to make Ohashi :)

I wish everyone a great time with sweet dreams (^-^)/

not shipping related, but jamie would 1OO% cock-block kevin. every time kevin would try to be a (nauseous) smooth flirt and pulls his infamous “its kevin time” line, jamie would purposely jump the fuck in out of no where and shouts “ITS MAIL TIME” (in melody to the blues clues mail time song and continue to horribly sing the rest of the song)

“The skin color for this character seems off.”

“Guess I need to paint this character all black with bright red lips and doin’ a little toe-tappin’ jig to make you all happy!”

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hi! for those of us who weren't able to watch the livestream could you tell us in what order all the Larry stuff happened on stage last night? Like did the group hug when Louis put his hand on Harry's hip come after THE hug? And when did the cute messed up bow thing happen? I am seeing so many gifs but have no mental timeline. (Also this is more subjective but -- in your opinion do you think the larry hug was planned ? i can't decide what i think) Thank you!! Sorry this is so long! xx

Not a long ask, but this is a long answer!

My very grateful THANK YOU!! to the person who made it possible to hear the last OTRA show live! When the crowd screamed I was like, “Was that blur Louis and Harry?!?!! Did Louis and Harry HUG?!?!!??” so I didn’t get a conclusive visual until I saw it on Tumblr, lol.

Anyway. Presenting, in order, HUGS! BOWS!

Act My Age (featuring conga line and endless jigging) xx

What Makes You Beautiful:

(Do I want to think Louis grabbed Harry’s ass at the end? Yes. Do I think he actually did? Probably not. Do I think Liam accidentally goosed Harry? Possibly! Do I think it’s funny that Harry then grabbed Niall’s ass? Yes!)  xx

Niall’s speech:  “Touring is the best part of what we do, and I think that’s why it’s a little bit emotional for us tonight…we’re obviously gonna miss it. I’d like to thank the boys, the three other boys for – having me! (laughs) I’ve had a great time, boys, I love you very much – thank you!”   {{group hug!}}   xx   xx

Then, Drag Me Down, the last song! Afterward, all the hugs.  xx

Hey, check out that great shot on the big screen!

xx  (yay!!!!)


(Oh! We’re doing a second one!)


As for whether Louis and Harry planned to hug, all I can really say is if they’d planned NOT to hug, they wouldn’t have! If they’d planned NOT to stand next to each other during the final bow, they wouldn’t have…. so yeah, I think they likely planned to embrace. :)

(all gifs mine)

Checkpoint! --Autosaving--

Hello Lovely Tumblr people! It’s time to get back into the book building! Some big changes are happening which means I’ll probably be doing a fair few group projects (as in the projects will be grouped together, rather than me working with other people).
Since this is the first big group project, I’ll show the whole build. Future group builds will start from having the book guts sewn together and such to prevent boredom induced narcolepsy.

Anyway, into the build!

Boom! Paper cut and folded into signatures. What you can see is 3 A5 journals / notebooks, 4 A6 notebooks, and 2 A6 landscape journals. All are blank 100gsm paper.

I needed cutting templates! After the move I realised that I had thrown out all of my hole cutting templates in a fit of cleanliness! Ah well, it’s not like they’re that difficult to make.
Start by getting a piece of MDF longer than the paper is tall. Mark one end as the top (T) and mark a line where the bottom of the signature is.

With that done, you can Mark out where you’re going to have your tapes (or cords, I’m not one to judge). Also don’t forget your entry and exit holes at either end of your signatures. These are also used for sewing your head and tail bands. I usually mark mine in 10mm from the ends.

Sandwich your stack of signatures between the templates and clamp hard. Don’t do what I’ve done in the past and get impatient. You can’t just clamp in 4 books worth of signatures and expect it to work perfectly. Do one book at a time. Remember you’re after quality, not quantity (unless you are after quantity, in which case invest in making a jig to hold 100 books and a bandsaw).

Cut your grooves along the markings. You don’t want to cut too shallow - That makes it so you actually have to punch your needle through 1 or 2 pages when it comes to sewing. You want to cut just deep enough that it penetrates through to the middle page. You learn that from practice and from having a line drawn on your saw.

Sometimes you haven’t cut your paper very well at the start. You know what? That doesn’t matter in the end. After you’re done with sewing you’re going to end up trimming your edges square.

Complete cutting sewing holes for all books.

Onto sewing! Depending on how big your book is, you’ll want at least 2 tapes. Anything over A6 I like to use 3. I started by placing my stack of pages on my sewing frame, aligning the tapes to their spaces and then flipping all but one of the signatures back (the stack at the back has the folded edge pointing away from the sewing frame).

If you’re doing multiple books, it’s a good idea to make some risers. That way you don’t have to keep re-setting your sewing frame every time you finish a book.
I’ll be making another sewing frame in the near-ish future, so I’ll cover the building of that in detail.

Some tips!
First, your legwear make good pin holders. 
Second, The tail of your thread can often get caught up in your knots when you’re trying to do your kettle stitch at the ends. Tuck it under the corner of the book guts to keep it out of the way.

Okay, with the landscape journals I felt that they were too thick, so I split them in half.

And sewed them in one hit on the risers. See? Useful.

Continue sewing until all your paper is into something resembling book guts.

Trim your raggedy edges so they end up all square and pretty. Yes, I’m using a paper guillotine. No, it’s not essential to the hobby but it helps. You can use a paper plane or even a box-cutter if you like (or your teeth even, if you are feeling overconfident in your own abilities).

The spines are rounded and end pages made. The bottom three are getting special treatment, so they’re not glued on yet (they’re going to be in the next blog). The rest have received scrapbook paper as end pages.

All the excess sewing tape is cut off. I feel that I should mention here that i’m using 12mm cotton webbing here. I’m not using specialised linen bookbinding tape. I’m not made of money (that saying always bothered me. If I were made of money, then I would be even less inclined to spend myself).

Yeah, on the 3 larger books I felt that I should mushroom them. I hear that doing that helps them resist pulling out of their curve. They’re probably not thick enough to discover that particular problem, but it seemed to be the right thing to do.

And there we go. I put some indian cotton cloth spacers in the gaps between the tapes. Over that I glued on a hinge made from the same cloth as the spacers.

That’s all that is for this stage. After this it’s all headbands, pretty cover designs and leather.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it. Feel free to send me a message or an Ask if you have any questions.


Preparing and judging the state of a blade :)

In the top left of the first photo you can see a fresh blade that still has slim ridges and on the top right a fresh “maintenance free” blade :)
You can see how the ridge forms a straight line along the back and how the maintenance free blades back forms a hollow :)

Below the new ones I drew used ones :)
On the left is a well used and maintained blade while the blade on the right is not so well maintained blade this happens when the back is not ground well during sharpening :|
Basically you wear the back wavy which makes sharpening the blade more challenging…

Below these you can see how the edges get ground away :)
This is not strictly necessary but it can prevent damage to the bottom of the Dai so I do this on all of my blade ;)
Actually you adjust the width of the cutting edge that is protruding by fitting the blades radius to the width of the mouth/throat :)

On the bottom of the first image you can see the cap irons :)
The one on the left is the traditional kind with a similar back to the one on the main blade and the one on the right is a newer type :)
Both cap irons can come in two flavours, hardened and soft. I prefer the hard ones but for beginners I do recommend the soft cap irons because those are easier to maintain and if you screw them up they are easy to replace :)

I do not like the term flattening too much and prefer to say straightening because the one thing that matters is that the area behind and parallel to the cutting edge is straight and flat not the whole back :)
So when preparing the blade it is important to keep the cutting edge in line with the direction you are moving it in. If you wobble your blades back will become bumpy and uneven. This applies both to using a Kanaban and a sharpening stone for this task ;)

=>a Kanaban is a flat piece of steel which works like a lap :)
You put grit on it and a little water or oil and rub the blade over it :)

The next photo shows the difficulties arising from the new maintenance free blades and old unevenly ground blades :)
On new blades, as seen on the right hand side, the ridges on the back support the blade so that it has an even support which enables you to move the blade around the stone and still maintains he same plain behind the cutting edge.
On these newer blades and the unevenly worn blades you need to be careful because there is no straight support running along the length of the blade the these blades mostly end up with a rounded back which can lead to trouble with very thin shavings that can get caught between the cap iron and the blade.
Also this can cause you to wear the hard steel layer thin towards the end of the blade which is both not pretty and not good for its function…

I like to use the ruler trick for these kinds of blades :)

If you used a sharpening jig you need to remember that that Japanese blades don’t have a single right angle on them ;)
I modified my Veritas Mk2 sharpening jig to make it easier to put Japanese blades into it without messing too much with their geometry :) <=I prefer to sharpen freehand thought but on very bad cases I use this jig :)

About the qualities of the bevel that is forming the cutting edge :)
Basically a radius is nothing bad for a cutting edge because it puts more material in the way of the forces working on the blade thus reinforcing it :)
It is a little bit like having a secondary bevel on your blade just a little easier to maintain :D
Of course this radius should be big and subtle since a small radius can cause the cutting edge to protrude above the area that is behind the cutting edge which will render the blade useless.

The easiest way to do this is kind of illustrated in the last photo (^-^)
When I want to make the bevel angle shallower I start at the end of the stone closer to myself and the just freehand the blade :)
This way the bevel angle won’t get too big to risk making the blade useless ;)
If the blades bevel angle is too shallow I will start sharpening at the back this way the blades angle will get steeper ;)

I didn’t make any drawing of how to put a radius along the width of the blade (^-^;) I’m not sure I will make one since it is the one thing that is just done the same way as it is done on western style blade :)

I hope some people found this interesting or just enjoyed the drawings :D

Also sorry for the low contrast in those images :|
I used a pencil on recycling paper…

I wish everyone a great time, sweet dreams and well prepared blades (^-^)/


How to make a segmented bowl. 

1) Glue up long strips of scrap wood.

2) Cut them into short equal segments with 15-degree miters (a table saw jig makes this easier and safer).

3) Glue them into rings (hose clamps work well).

4) Glue the rings into stacks. At the base of the ring stack, glue a solid piece for the bottom of the bowl and a sacrificial piece of wood that you can screw to your lathe.

5) Mount to lathe and turn it smooth.

6) Sand and finish. Voila - you have a bowl.