jieun baby


“It’s not over for me yet.
just bear with me, since you left on your own without my consent..
I deserve at least this much.
Are you sleeping well? Eating well?
Do you still.. resent me?”


“When I turned 20,  people kept asking what changed about me.Actually, personally I think there isn’t any startling change. Just that I’m cherishing my memories each day more and more as the days go by”


happy 6th anniversary babies ♡ thank you for bringing us joy and happiness. Thank you for showing us your love. Thank you for letting us be part of your lives. All Secrettime wish you happiness and success this year . #6yearswithsecret {insp}

“All of us, Secret members are girls with a past, before debut, the areas of our experience and skill were honed in different places to form Secret, from visual and vocal, we try to show a performance where everything, one by one, does not slip.“ - Jieun.


IU as seasons: a hopelessly romantic spring

she didn’t know what shade of brown that was, so she named it after his eyes. he was no expert on stars; so he named the brightest ones after her smile. they didn’t know what to call this explosion of flowers and butterflies in their stomachs, so they just blamed it on spring and continued counting the petals on each flower he’d put in her hair, taking in the scent of her hair, his adorable laugh, the blooms and each other.