bitch you thought

When Jieun Talked Shit About Yoonbum
  • Sangwoo: I searched everywhere
  • Jieun: what?
  • Sangwoo: I looked through hundreds of files
  • Sangwoo: searched through my text messages
  • Sangwoo: I even searched my wardrobe
  • Sangwoo: but I still couldn't find where I asked for your opinion
  • Jieun:
scene from chapter 18 we didn't see
  • Sangwoo: First one to stab Jieun gets to suck my dick haha~!
  • Bum:
  • Jieun:
  • Sangwoo:
  • Bum: Sangwoo...I'm the only other free person here besides you...
  • Jieun: *looks at Bum* Do you have to deal with shit like this everyday?
  • Bum: Pretty much.
  • Jieun: Just hand me the knife I'll stab myself.