KBS Docking Stations Reveal Upcoming Tracks

With Feedback, the first track to come out of KBS Docking Station, debuting the project as quite a hit, fans were anxious to see what was next from the ongoing collaborations, and who would be part of it. Fans were pleasantly surprised when the plans were released, and it was revealed that Track Two would actually be a double track– two releases and two songs, with a total of twelve artists stepping up for the next collaboration.

Track Two, produced by L3THAL PRODUCTION$’ very own Hyosang, will feature him, Juno’s Jia, Haze’s Subin, Reign’s Eunhee and Iris’ Jieun. While fans seemed excited for that one, it didn’t cause nearly as many waves as Track Three. Produced by legendary producer, Andrew Woo, the third track seems to be all rappers, with the lineup consisting of Andrew himself, Insomnia’s Titan, L3THAL soloist PROPHET, Hydra’s Nathan, Crown’s Gun, and two TRAXX members– Hasik and Hero. Not only were fans questioning Hasik’s participation on the track, as his record with the press has not been the cleanest as of late, but they were inquiring about Andrew’s too– this is the first time he has featured on a track since 2011, since the untimely death of his late wife.

Despite all the rumors and controversy, people seem very hyped for the tracks, which both will be released on August 30th.

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