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Boundaries [m]

Genre : Smut / Angst
Summary : You work for Zhang Yixing as the nanny of his kid. In a moment of idiotic judgement you both break the invisible boundaries you’d both set. Was it for the better or the worse?

Your eyes were threatening to close at any moment, but you couldn’t so you willed them open. Just a few more minutes and plus it’d be dangerous to fall asleep right here. Jie could wake up any second and she’s lately been prone to  the odd night terror here and there.

As you worked through another slice of apple, you saw the orange light from his car streaming in through the curtains. Finally, he was here. You thought to yourself as you placed the slices into Jie’s container. You’d resorted to late night prepping for you and Jie’s day out, out of boredom.

You heard him hanging up his coat before he came into the kitchen. “Hey, thanks for staying. Sorry for being late, the traffic was just playing games.”

You waved your hand, “It’s alright, I don’t mind staying.”

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I am incomplete. I do not know what is lacking but something is. I am devoid of the ability to immerse myself truly in a single moment or a single emotion. Everything I do, I do halfheartedly; and everything I feel is affected by thought and what ought to be. I am inept and incomparable to the average human and the days are wasted on me. The days are wasted on me.
—  Tan Jie Hui

me: Oh, 19Days new chapter yaya! How ‘bout taking a look at the new Update??

me: *Brain Freeze*

Me: Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Me: *Washing the blood from my nose* is Old Xian trying to kill us? Sweet lord!