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Sandman has translated magazine vol.2 interview:

Here is my summary for ONE PIECE Magazine volume 2 except for Ace novel and editors’ short interview.

- After becoming a mangaka, Oda noticed that his imagination ability of creating various stories is based on Rakugo, Japanese verbal entertainment.

- Oda has been enjoying Rakugo ever since he was in elementary school. When Oda’s friends in junior high school came to his house,
he played a cassette tape of Rakugo to entertain them, but all of them got bored in 5 minutes.

- Oda started listening to Rakugo since his parents enjoyed Rakugo via cassette tapes. On the other hand, his elder sister didn’t get attracted to it.
He even listened to Rakugo right before sleeping. Oda remembers he was an elementary school kid who fell into asleep thanks to middle-aged man’s voice.lol

- When Oda was around 12/13 years old, he was very glad that his parents kindly bought a ticket for Rakugo show in Kumamoto for his birthday present.

- Oda meets Kosanji Yanagiya, one of the best Rakugo performer, once a year in Studio Ghibli. Toshio Suzuki, producer of Ghibli, invites Oda to his Rakugo event every year.

- Oda believes he has never run out of ideas about ONE PIECE story because he knows a lot about classic Rakugo/film/Jidaigeki which survived the test of time.

- Oda devoted himself to watching films in high school/college days. He watched 3 films per day. He got bored with current films soon and started focusing on classics.

- Oda thinks perhaps the sound effect “Don!!” (ドン!!) in ONE PIECE is based on actors’ overacting in classic Jidaigeki.
Oda says he wants his audience to pay attention to the “Don!!” panel.

- Oda considers a good sense of rhythm about words is important when creating sentences in ONE PIECE although he doesn’t read many books.
Oda sometimes keeps in mind that he should write sentences in 5-7-5 Japanese traditional poetic Haiku form.

- The person Oda wants to meet most now is Quentin Tarantino. Oda also says that he has already met most of the people whom he wants to.

- Oda at the age of 3-6 resolved to become a mangaka since he can make a living via drawing manga every day.

- Oda thought he would easily become the best mangaka since he had been confident of his drawing technique, but
he noticed that he needed to learn creating an interesting story when he was around 17 years old.

- Oda was not convinced when his art teacher in junior high school didn’t give the best grade to his good Toriyama-ish dragon drawing.
Oda says he thought there was no difference between manga and art.

- Before Oda became a professional mangaka, his editor often advised him to create well-defined manga characters.
Some people even criticized that Luffy in “Romance Dawn” (prototype for ONE PIECE) didn’t seem to move on its own.
Oda says that himself didn’t fully grasp the personality of Luffy at that time.

- Oda remembers he was a rude person without knowing it before his debut as a professional mangaka.
He talked to a legendary mkangaka (HIroshi Motomiya) too casually in a party, which made staffs upset.

- Oda keeps in mind that he should make funny and casual comments in SBS. Oda in childhood had read mangaka talking about their hardships in
creating manga in author’s comments. He made up his mind that he wouldn’t write such a comment since [he considers audience wouldn’t understand it
no matter how mangaka talks about their hardships in detail.

- Bandai company plans to sell OP goods based on SBS drawings of gender-bent/childhood characters although Oda just wants to draw them just for fun.

- Oda says he’d like to keep being “a friendly funny guy in neighborhood” for kids who feels free to answer their requests to make drawings in SBS.
Oda also says his drawings are not something very valuable. He says he is not a kind of mangaka who considers himself, “Even one line drawn by me can make much money!”

- Oda “Be sure to look forward to Wano country. I refrain from revealing when I draw it, though.”

- Oda “There are tons of new characters I want to draw in Wano arc. Characters in ONE PIECE fight mostly on land despite them being pirates.
I’d like to draw some event scenes on the sea which reminds us that they are pirates. Maybe I’ll change my mind, though (laugh)”

- When Kuma was introduced for the first time in 2002, Oda told one of his assistants that Kuma would cause the separation of Straw Hats in the future. It came true in 2008.

- The drawings of Amaru Enel are based on a elephant.

- There are some supplements (vitamin, turmeric, ornithine and forskohlii) and Red Bull on Oda’s desk…

- Oda is getting excited and doesn’t eat food near the deadline for submitting manuscripts. Oda says food would make him sleepy.
On the other hand, his assistants are getting exhausted near the deadline.

- 3 assistants have been working under Oda for more than 15 years.

- Oda had nearly 30 options for Rebecca’s name. (Shalom, Violet, Russian, Akiria, Girasole, Laura, Helianthus,
Seneca, Juvenalis, Noir, Vineyard, Iris, Amazonia, Lambda, Isbell and Fabula etc..)
The text says Shalom means peace in Hebrew and some other options mean sunflower in different languages.

- There is an impressive line Oda didn’t use in Enies Lobby arc.
Luffy “Robin! Keep laughing! There’s nothing to be afraid of! I’m with you!!”
Robin sheds tears remembering Saul’s words “Laugh when you are in hardships!! Dereshishishi”

And lastly, these two pieces of colorspreads are well fridgin done! Nami ngggrrhhhhh!!! Asdghjkh fk u Oda!!!! But it’s not like I won’t keep the pic tho, for academic purpose ofc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

On the side note, the last piece should have Zoro and Robin in there #casuallywinkingtotheirshippers

So basically what we can take away from this is that:

  • If One Piece took place in modern times, Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, Franky, Zoro, and Law would all be hard-core Naruto fans.
  • Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper are those fans who may or may not have posters in their rooms and figurines and tie their ties/scarves around their heads like forehead protectors ad go around “practicing jutsu” and know all the hand seals and can do them super quick.
  • Zoro is that one fan who really loves the show but just doesn’t bring it up or really talk about it but won’t deny being a fan if asked, or the show is mentioned. He is also a huge jidaigeki film buff, especially samurai films.
  • Law is that one closeted fan who is secretly obsessed but would never admit it under pain of death. Nope. Never. Except he has these extremely dorky friends who end up rubbing off on him and let his inner anime nerd show.
  • Franky is that adult fan who’s been reading Naruto since the beginning and the ninja fantasy was a huge part of his teenage years. And yeah, he may be “way too old” for Naruto anymore, but dangit if he still isn’t a huge fan and he stuck with the manga till the end!

Stolen from set!!
A small glimpse of Ogurin as Gintoki.

In this days (21, 22, 23 July) shooting are carried at Toei Kyoto Studio Park, a kind of Universal Studios where the public can turn on the set and see the filming.
Toei Kyoto Studio Park is specific for location to jidaigeki films and one of the sets have now become the Kabukicho of Gintama.
©photo by macrina

Also sightings of other actors on set are interesting ^^