soulmate au based off the idea that everyone sees colours differently (because the cones and rods in people’s eyes are all different, what you think of as red might actually be yellow to some people) where you can only see the world in different shades of your soulmate’s favourite colour. You don’t see all the colours until you meet your soulmate. So, if your soulmate’s favourite colour is blue, you can only see blue. So things that are actually red you see as baby blue, black things are navy blue to you, etc. Now imagine your OTP. Person A is an artist, and so their favourite colour changes constantly. Person B knows what all the different colours are because almost every week they’ll wake up to sunlight tinted a different colour than the week before. In return, Person B’s favourite colour is also always changing because they fall in love with whatever Person A’s favourite is at the moment, so they both see all the colours before they even meet. But when they do meet, they see all the colours at once because they’re at a gay pride parade and it’s the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen


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Because of this video I ship them so hard.

Astrid ships it.

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Jack growled, coming in and wrapping his arms around Hiccup, "Don't you fucking dare touch him," he sneered out, holding Hiccup's body to his chest and his staff in his right hand.

He was shocked No, please I don’t want you to get hurt. He thought to himself cringing his face “J-Jack I’m okay… I Just    …Don’t want them to bother you…”

“You are more important then I am.”

Soulmate AU

When you place your hand over your heart, you feel the heartbeat of your soulmate, and when you touch them for the first time your heartbeat stops for a few seconds. But since so many people are born without soulmates or never find them, people started turning away from the idea of only marrying their soulmate and instead started dating whoever they want. Person A is a firm believer in soulmates, and is a college student. They are partnered up with Person B, who they’d never met before, for a project. They both instantly know that they’re soulmates, but Person B rejects Person A, saying that they’re already in love and in a relationship. Person A is heartbroken, but while they work on the project they slowly become friends. Person A notices that sometimes, especially at night, Person B’s heartbeat will speed up unnaturally, and that Person B starts wearing more hoodies and baggy clothes, unlike the jeans and t-shirts they used to favor. They become more withdrawn, and flinch when people make sudden moves. Person A walks in on them in the bathroom between classes and sees Person B with their shirt off. They notice all the bruises and cuts all over their arms and torso, and realizes that Person B’s boyfriend/girlfriend has been abusing them. Person A is furious, but Person B breaks down and A realizes that taking care of them is more important. So A takes B back to A’s place, and they talk. B says that they thought they really do love their partner, but A tells them that they have no obligation to stay in an abusive relationship. B decided to break up with their partner, but knows that they’re going to be angry about it. A says that B can stay with them for as long as they need, since B had been living with their partner, and slowly but surely, B falls in love with A. 

Bonus points for:

  • A helping B with nightmares
  • B’s partner tracking down B between classes and getting angry, and A coming to B’s rescue
  • A hiding their feelings for B until B and their partner break up, and then when B is more stable, flirting
  • A falling asleep working on their project and waking up to find that B had somehow gotten them into bed and tucked them in
  • B clutching their chest whenever they feel scared/nervous, and A realizing that B is feeling A’s heartbeat because it keeps him grounded

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Jack slammed his lips to Hiccup, "Mine," he said possessively once he pulled away. ((Lol people keep harassing me about you. XDDDD Jeez ))

His eyes widened from the sudden impact of Jack’s lips against his, then his expression soften accepting it then suddenly it was taken away he looked a bit dazed for a minute “What do you mean mine? I’m not an item.” ((oh my ;D))