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Video of the Day, January 6th, 2014 // Skier: Candide Thovex, Tim McChesney, César Fabre, Etienne Merel, Duncan Adams, Simon D'artois, Mark Nowakiwsky, Cody Cirillo and Adam Delorme // Credit: Etienne Merel


In case you were wondering–Jiberish is still shitting on your brand’s video lookbook. Shout out to Pete and them! But this isn’t even a lookbook, bruh. It’s just Adam Delorme, friend of the Jiberish program, being filmed doing gangsta things on skis while Dennis The Fox’s “Piledriver” serves as the background music on yo’ bitch ass*. Jiberish continues to be one of the best brands you’ve never heard of and I will continue to proclaim their greatness so long as I have breath in this here body. Everything they do is on point: from their videos and events, to their flagship store(s) and of course dope products, if you’re not up on them–you should be. ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to build your own brand. They’re a great group to take notes on. Please believe me, believe me please.

*Pardon my unnecessary thugness. Don’t know where that’s coming from but I kinda like it. #KanyeShrug