jibcon 2010

anonymous asked:

Since the MinnCon thing has been dredged up again, I have to ask about something you said in one of your other posts: "the fact that he’s constantly kissing people at conventions." What's the story there?

(The “MinnCon thing”)

It’s a mix of fake-out make-outs and I-can-actually-see-lips-make-contact kisses, usually dude cast-members (though sometimes he’ll kiss a fan on the cheek or let them kiss him). 

So here’s Misha kissing or being kissed by the following:

Sebastian Roche, in Rome at JIBcon 2011.

James Patrick Stuart in 2013, I think it was an Asylum convention

Jim Beaver at JIBcon 2010 reportedly “Jim tried to kiss Misha”:

Rob Benedict at Vancon 2013 (Video), also at the DCcon Caberat in 2014:

Kim Rhodes at Asylum 8 in 2012 (video)

Jensen Ackles at SDCC in 2010 and at JIBcon 2014

This isn’t an exhaustive list. I left out the most obvious stage-kisses and I’m sure I missed some other examples. 

Cockles and UST (Part Four) Now, at last, I ask the question on everyone's lips: 'Is Jensen an incorrigible flirt?"

As key witness for the prosecution, I submit:

Exhibit A, San Diego Comicon 2010

We see what you did there Jen, you only had eyes for Misha until the last second when you kissed Jim first. Real subtle.

Although to be fair, I don’t necessarily think that we can include this in the evidence. I don’t think this is flirting so much as it is sheer necessity.

Holy crap, look how thirsty this poor boy is:

Exhibit B 

At Jibcon 2010 he revealed his ‘Hey, big boy,’ shtick that, although a little heavy-handed, affects Misha much more than Jared’s hands on MIsha’s balls!

Exhibit C

At Jibcon 2011 Jen pulled out this seductive look when asking Misha to demonstrate his Tibetan (deep) throat singing. (sorry)

Exhibit D

Jibcon 2011. Need I say more

Exhibit E

And at Jibcon 2012 he turned himself in knots trying to loosen Misha up, and everything is fair game when Jen’s flirting, even a stuffed rhino.

And let’s face it, Misha lapped it up.

Exhibit F

The cockles mating dance at Jibcon 2013 must have had the desired effect:

Because Jensen turns it up again for Exhibit G at Jibcon 2014. You can almost hear him saying 'Look at me, Mish.“ 

What a display! 

But then Misha took control of the situation when he pulled Matt Cohen over and started gyrating with him. Of course, Jen notices!

And notices..

And poor Matt Cohen is like a deer caught in the headlights of Mish and Jen trying to out-flirt or out-jealous each other, I can’t tell which:

And (Exhibit H) when Matt Cohen tries to escape, Jen pulls him back on stage and caresses his face before holding Misha’s hand.

And don’t ask me what Jen’s doing here for Exhibit I:

Is that a flirtation?

And I think I can safely call the entirety of season nine Exhibits J-Z

I must call an adjournment. I’ve hardly scratched the surface and I’m out of alphabet. There’s so much more tweeting and face caressing and bottom touching to consider, not to mention photo-ops snuggles, and I’m already utterly exhausted.

Perhaps the only real conclusion that can be drawn is that Jensen can’t be fully blamed for his actions, he’s only trying to keep up with Misha!!