I firmly hold the belief that TV writers have fanfiction accounts.

You know for secretly writing out what they wanted to happen but the network didn’t want to see or testing out how the fan’s reactions would be.

It is a brilliant thing to do and it is good to know that that theory is getting more credibility as the months pass on.


“Paris. That’s when it must of happened.
The two of them alone, in another world.
Putting their lives in each others hands everyday.
Not to mention the long nights.
It was inevitable.
Nothing is inevitable.” 

You know you’ve been reading fanfiction for too long when you run out of stuff to read because a) you’ve read them all, or b) you’ve read so many awesome stories that you’re now really picky.

I need more!!!

Maybe the universe just hates me.

I just realized something. What was my OTP to start out with… Tate.

And then Kate died.

Then I decided that I shipped Jibbs.

And Jenny died.

Then, finally, I decided that Tony and Ziva were meant for each other, and I became an avid Tiva shipper.


Screw it, I ship McNozzo now. If McGee gets killed off I’ll march down to LA myself and raise hell.