“Paris. That’s when it must of happened.
The two of them alone, in another world.
Putting their lives in each others hands everyday.
Not to mention the long nights.
It was inevitable.
Nothing is inevitable.” 


NCIS 04x09 || Twisted Sister

Gibbs: Ah, there you are, Jen I’ve been looking all over for you
Jen: I thought since we were short on agents, Abby could use some help
Gibbs: The only reason we are short on agents is because you sent DiNozzo home
Jen: Well, there’s no sense in getting us all sick
Abby Sciuto:
[as Gibbs] Next time you send one of my team home you clear it with me first, Director!
[as Jen] Oh, I didn’t know I needed your permission to handle my own personnel, Agent Gibbs!
[as Gibbs] Your personnel?!
[as Jen] Last time I checked, it said “Director” on my door, not yours!
Abby: [to both of them] The kids don’t like it when mommy and daddy fight!

You know you’ve been reading fanfiction for too long when you run out of stuff to read because a) you’ve read them all, or b) you’ve read so many awesome stories that you’re now really picky.

I need more!!!


Smilodontini Machairodontinae Felidae (Smilodon fatalis/populator; lived between 1.6 million–10,000 years ago).


Jibbs and The team -

Because everyone seems to know what happened between the two of them…