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Jibberish Volume 2 JP Walker Full Part!


Blair McKinney’s full part from Jibberish Volume 2!


Jibberish Volume 2 Finland Pököttiremix video full edit!

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Is this yet another exclusive jib park? Where is it and who’s the new rider on the crew? Check out the teaser and see if you can figure it out before the second JIBBERISH VOLUME 2 video drops!

Behind The Scenes: The Spot - Blair McKinney

“It’s a good feeling to see guys 10 years younger than me getting beasted from the work load required to maintain and shred The Spot. Makes me feel young.” –JP Walker

Blair and Simon patched in

Blair fireside on the overnight

Blair and Seth tooling up the generator

JP Backlip

Watch The Spot video here

Interview with Blair Mckinney

What were your first thoughts when you found out you were going to

Utah to shred The Spot?

   I was stoked when I found out I was going to the Spot. I’ve always

thought their setup was tight, so I was excited to get an invite to

shred with all of the Bosses. 

Was it what you expected?

   I knew the Spot was going to be sick but it was definitely more than I

had expected … they have it dialed back there! 

Why do you get so “bested” at The Spot?

   The reason you are so beasted up there is because you start grinding

at 9am and don’t get down until 6pm.  In between those hours you are

hiking, cutting trees, shoveling, chopping wood, and building new


What’s a Day In the Life like at The Spot?

A Day in the Life at the Spot in Ten Steps:

1. Wake up in your grave

2. Start chopping wood

3. Warm up a quick breakfast on the fire

4. Grab a shovel and start tooling up the features

5. Dig up the chain saw and start lopping trees

6. Stack up the firewood

7. Hike and shred

8. Roast a pizza ‘cause you’re starving

9. Repeat steps 4-8

10. Catch a couple Z’s and start it all over the next day

Did you know Spot bosses, Seth Huot, Jon Kooley, or Jeremy Jones

before this trip?

   Before the Spot I had only met Jeremy briefly in Squamish so I was

stoked to have the opportunity to meet and shred with them all. 

What was it like seeing JP and the crew in action?

   It was pretty crazy, the guys grind up there!  I’ve always looked up

to this crew so it was awesome to meet and shred with them at their


What was the best aspect of your trip to The Spot?

   The best aspect of my trip was the first night we camped out.  It was

dope to dig your own grave and sleep under the stars in the middle of

the mountains.

What did you think when you earned “Boss” status after your first trip

to The Spot?

   I definitely didn’t see it coming, but I was hyped to become a “Boss”

after my first trip. Thanks boys!

Behind The Scenes: Pine Valley Projects - Todd and Rebecca Spalding

The Crew - Simon, Cameron, JP, Rebecca, Todd, and Blair

JP Nose Press

Getting some classic Cameron sound bits

Quarter-pipe spin

The whole family shreds!

Todd Spalding

Dad/Park Builder/Shredder/Surprise accomplice 

What made you decide to build your son a park in your backyard?

I never really had to decide.  It’s just evolved from a few rails that my friends and I would session before Cameron could walk.  It started as a couple of jibs I moved around the yard and each year I would add something new and fun.  It began to take on a life of its own when Cameron really took an interest in snowboarding.

How did you design and build the park?

Because we rely on natural snowfall and groom by hand, I’ve tried to size and design our features to not require a ton of snow to hit.  I get inspired by stuff that’s fun to hit at our local resorts and by stuff we see in videos.  Now I try to incorporate features that will help Cameron’s progression. 

At what age was Cameron when you started making jibs for him in his backyard?

I think I started to “Cameron size” stuff when he was 4.  He was confident hitting boxes and stuff at our local resort, so I started building stuff he could hit at home.  Now our 5-year-old daughter, Avery, is hitting some of the little stuff too. My Gramps and I built a bunch of skate ramps when I was a kid, so I guess that experience helped me make features that work.

How long has Pine Valley Projects been running for?

Pine Valley Projects is Cameron’s creation.  He wanted a name for our backyard and came up with the name from our address and some inspiration from a wakeboard facility in Florida called “The Projects”.  It’s home to some of the sickest rails in wakeboarding.  I guess our history is about 7 years deep.

When you had Cameron did you ever think you were going to have a sick snowboard park in your yard one day for him and yourself to shred?

It’s hard to say.  I grew up skateboarding and playing lots of sports but wakeboarding (I know people hate on it, but there’s no surf in Ontario) and snowboarding were my passion.  Luckily Cameron, Avery and Wyatt love it and we all get to hang out and shred year round.  It’s awesome and keeps me young.

We know you are down for shredding and you charge as hard as your son. Do you think he is better than you yet?

Man, I’m pretty sure I have to concede that now but I don’t want to…. It fires him up.  I remember a year or so ago thinking in a couple of years he’ll be 10 and he’ll probably be better than me.  Now I’m thinking he’s 7 and he would beat me in a slopestyle contest.  Kids change your perspective, you want them to be better but I’m still on the grind for sure!  So stoked on everything my kids do.  

How long does your backyard park season last? Is it longer or shorter than the resorts around you?

Most years we can ride early in December, sometimes we may have snow for a couple of days in November if we’re lucky!  As long as we get an inch or so I can get a rain in place to ride.  It may not be perfect but it gets us going.  Our seasons normally last until late March.  May have to eye up that “Snow At Home” system soon.

You collaborated with JP to surprise your son, was it hard to pull off?

Yup, real hard.  I was so pumped about it but was also worried that weather or scheduling could mess it up.  Cameron’s always grabbing my phone to look up videos, so I had to be careful keeping him away from JP’s emails and texts.

What was it like watching your son ride and hang out with his hero’s?

It was awesome!  He loves snowboarding so much and he’s into the sport, from knowing who everyone rides for to knowing the songs they used in their video parts.  I knew it meant a lot to him to have the guys over, and it was special to see how much he was loving every minute.   JP, Simon and Blair are true professionals, great role modes and amazing ambassadors for snowboarding.  The interest they show in Cameron and the time they took to visit is really special.  We love you guys!

Rebecca Spalding

Mom/Chili Maker/Shredder 

What did you think when you heard a crew of professional snowboarders were going to be coming to your house for the day?

I had heard about how awesome the guys were from both Cameron and Todd after his trips out west so I knew we were in for an amazing day.  Cameron has had the picture that Todd took of JP, Simon and Joe and himself on the fridge at the cottage since his first year at camp.  The day exceeded my expectations, in that the guys were so good to all of us and stayed to not only shred, but also have lunch with us, “tech deck” with Cameron and play a little hockey in the basement. 

What was your impression of professional snowboarders before that day?  

We are always watching snowboard movies and reading snowboard related magazines so we I had a pretty diverse impression of professional snowboarders.  There are so many great guys who are excellent role models, most of whom I’d want Cameron to aspire to be like.  No matter what kind of rider they are, or what company they ride for (despite some of the guy’s lifestyle choices. I know spoken like a true Mom) I think they all share the same passion for riding as Cameron has.   

What is your impression now?

JP, Simon and Blair are three of the nicest guys I have ever met.  They are such great role models and amazing ambassadors for the sport.  The time they spent with Cameron, and the interest they have shown in him truly made a dream come true.  They were encouraging, funny and made Cameron feel as though he was part of the crew.  It was a pleasure to spend the day with them. They are welcome back anytime!

How many muffins does Cameron eat after a backyard jib session? How about Todd? Ha-ha

Ha-ha.  If they are my banana chocolate chip ones…. a dozen mini ones… Todd, definitely not as many.  Cameron shreds pretty hard, both at home and when we are at one of our local resorts, so sometimes I’ll have to make him stop riding to have something to eat.  Some nights he’ll ask if he can have dinner out on the deck so that he doesn’t have to take all of his gear off to come in to eat.   

That Chili you made the crew was amazing, is that something you do regularly after your boys shred, you feed them? 

Thanks!  I’m glad they loved it.  After everyone is done riding for the day they are always starving.  They are out there having way too much fun to stop to eat, so yes, I do always feed them when they come in.   

How does it make you feel, that you can all snowboard as a family? Is that a dream come true?

It is a dream come true, for sure.  We all love to shred and it’s a great way to spend time together as a family.  Whether we’re in the backyard shredding, at a resort cheering Cameron and Avery on at a contest, or at a resort all riding together we get to spend time together making lots of great memories.  

I know they are both your boys, but who is better at snowboarding Todd or Cameron?

Oh that’s a tough one…and one I’ll get in trouble for no matter how I answer.  I think that I’d have to go with Cameron.  He’s improved a lot this season, with all of the riding he has done in our backyard and the training he has done with the Simple Snowboard Team.  As much as Todd won’t want to admit it, out loud anyway, I think Cameron has finally surpassed his Dad.  He charges some jumps and rails that I’m not sure Todd could hit!  I’m sure that there will come a time when all three of our kids will be able to outride us!  I’m sure that even then we’ll still be out there shredding with our kids, having a ton of fun together.

Jibberish Volume 2 Top 3 with JP Walker

Top 3 trips



Finland the second time.

Top 3 locations

Fantasy QP Whistler Backcountry

Kuopio 50 stair

Japan roof top gap out ledge

Top 3 tricks

All Simon’s Churk Kink tech

Blair’s Triple Kink Nose Press

Seth’s Switch 180 wall bomb

Top 3 worst slams

My first 3 in a row of the year in Finland on that gap rail.

Top 3 memories 

The Day in Vancouver

Recording a rap video in Finland

Handplant Holiday

Top 3 mishaps

Blatt’s sled

Japan winch breakdown

The Spot relocation

Top 3 meals

Lunch at the Spalding’s

Bar 9 Leaf Steaks

Erkberg Breakfasts

Top 3 Jibberish Volume 3 Webisodes

Simon’s Full Part

Handplant Holiday

Finland Rap


Jibberish Volume 2 Finland Pököttiremix is now available on our YouTube channel