If you missed the video when it dropped last week it’s now available on Youtube. Check it out!


Blair McKinney’s full part from Jibberish Volume 2!

Jibberish Volume 2 Top 3 with JP Walker

Top 3 trips



Finland the second time.

Top 3 locations

Fantasy QP Whistler Backcountry

Kuopio 50 stair

Japan roof top gap out ledge

Top 3 tricks

All Simon’s Churk Kink tech

Blair’s Triple Kink Nose Press

Seth’s Switch 180 wall bomb

Top 3 worst slams

My first 3 in a row of the year in Finland on that gap rail.

Top 3 memories 

The Day in Vancouver

Recording a rap video in Finland

Handplant Holiday

Top 3 mishaps

Blatt’s sled

Japan winch breakdown

The Spot relocation

Top 3 meals

Lunch at the Spalding’s

Bar 9 Leaf Steaks

Erkberg Breakfasts

Top 3 Jibberish Volume 3 Webisodes

Simon’s Full Part

Handplant Holiday

Finland Rap