I have never been to Humboldt Park before and I was super excited when I got to go with Kat, Mikey, Alice, Sarah and Crystal to this place!

They invented a sandwich called the jibarito, which is basically a sandwich with lettuce, thinly sliced spiced beef, cheese, and onions, all put between two plantains. The plantain is hand mashed and double fried so that it is crisp and can hold everything together. One of the best parts of this sandwich was the little bit of garlic they put on the top to really get the flavors going. It was amazing and it came with Puerto Rican rice. 

I also got a stuffed potato ball which is basically mashed potatoes with meet and cheese stuffed inside, and then deep fried. NOM NOM NOM, it went so well with hot sauce!

@missfraunfeld said: Oh thankyou so much! Can I have one with Nate where I’m puerto rican and I meet the squad for the first time at a party and some people have these cliché misconceptions of puerto ricans and they’re racist and all so nate defends me and he gets really protective and all. Again, thank you soooo much!

Note: sorry for the drag, I was finishing ones before yours. I hope you like it! 😌💕

My anxiety right now is a 9 out of 10. Why? Thanks for asking, well today I’m meeting Nate’s squad. Nate and I have been together for about a year and a half. We took time with introducing each other to our friends, so that we could make sure what we had was a forsure thing. Today was a party for Nate’s tour, since he finally released dates and he’s gotta leave soon, he wanted everyone together for a Big Bang. I was excited but nervous at the same time because I didn’t know how’d they react to meeting me. Would they like me? Would I like them? I had all these questions roaming around in my head, that today I was finally getting answers too. I finished my hair, I decided to do all straight with dark makeup. I was wearing currently a white little crop top, with a light pink skirt and some black heels. To add a bit of edge, I spiced it up with a black leather jacket. “BABE!” Nate yelled from the living room, “YES?” I yelled back adding lipstick while making my way out the room. “We have to go!” He yelled back, I snuck up behind him wrapping my arms around his head as he sat in the sofa. “Woah” he jumped bit, “I’m ready” I chuckled letting him go. He stood up, fixing his pants a bit before turning to face me. “Dam lil mama” his smile grew into a smirk, I did a little spin for him shaking my ass a bit to tease him. “Who you trying to impress? Me or my friends” he said wrapping his arms around me. “Both, but mainly you” I leaned in letting my lips lightly graze his. “Your such a fucking tease” he chuckled intertwining our fingers. “Ya know it” I winked.

We arrived at the party, and man who ever was throwing it has my mind set. There was weed everywhere, bottles, lit music and a lot of people dancing. Nate held on to my hand protectively as he guided us around people. In the corner of the house, in the back was a group of boys and a couple girls. “YOOOOO” Nate smiled letting my hand go. They all hugged, and did a couple hand shakes before their attention turned to me. “Who’s this beauty” this girl with blonde hair smiled. “y/n” I smiled extending my hand, “Emily, Emily Wilk” she smiled wide before shaking it. “I like your name” I smiled, “thank you, I’m seriously digging your outfit” she said coming to the side of me. “Yo my names Stassie” a tall bitch like girl said making her way out. “Hi” I smiled shaking her hand. “Skate shouldn’t you introduce your girl? Not the other way around” Stassie teased and I instantly liked her. “Shit I forgot” he said making his way over to me, “Y/N this is Sam, Derek, Dillon, Jack, Jack, John, Mike and Tez” he said pointing each out as I politely smiled by his side. “Um how do I tell both jacks apart?” I chuckled a bit, “easy, I’m Jack J and this Is Jack g, but you can call him gilinsky and me Johnson” Jack J said smiling.

“Thanks, makes this a whole lot easier” I chuckled. “So Y/N, what’s your nationality” this blonde haired boy that you can tell he dyed his hair said, I think his name was Sam. “Odd first question but I’m Puerto Rican” I smiled, his eyebrows furrowed. “Aren’t y'all the ones that when y'all talking sound like your yelling?” Tez said, my eye brows furrowed “I don’t know if I should take that as an insult or what but no?” “Isn’t it true y'all be drinking that coconut rum every winter?” Derek added in, “Coquito?” I questioned back with a little annoyance, “yeah that shit” he laughed. “That “shit” “ I quoted him with a little anger, “is really good, no we don’t drink it every winter but we do drink it” I rolled my eyes, “dam Mami, feisty” he laughed. I let out a small huff, “don’t Puerto Ricans eat those jibaritos all year round?” The tall one named mike laughed out, I didn’t even reply I simply rolled my eyes. “Typical Puerto Rican, they get mad easy” by now I was squeezing Nate’s arm. Either he says something or I dip.

“Can y'all chill?” He questioned but more stated. “What? All we are doing is asking your girl about her nationally. Not our fault she mad” Sam laughed a bit. “Samuel! Chill it” Emily peeped In. I’m guessing their related? “Seriously stop, your all being so rude and she barley got here. I don’t give a fuck about what y'all heard about Puerto Ricans, keep that shit to yourselves. Plus what the fuck you are saying, anint even legit. I live with her, I spent winter with her and can tell y'all what the hell you just said anint even true nothing but misconceptions. I just got here but I’m not aboutta let y'all treat my girl like that.” His nostrils flared a bit and his brows furrowed together. Whenever Nate is mad, it’s honestly the sexiest thing to me” he wrapped his arms around my waist, “so either say sorry or imma bounce. I don’t needa be here, I’m here for y'all and my girl.” Jack G, Jack J and Dillon stood their awkwardly, they didn’t do anything so this literally is awkward for them. Nobody said anything, “let’s go” Nate said holding my hand, I gave them one last look before turning and walking away with Nate. We made our way through the drunk bodies and finally made our way to the front of the house. “Babe chill” I patted him on the shoulder. He was livid, I couldn’t even make eye contact with him. “Hey, hey look at me” I grabbed his cheeks lightly, making him look at me. “It’s me, y/n. Your baby girl? Breath” I let my thumb rub across his cheek. He took a breath before softening up, “there’s my baby” I smiled.

“I’m sorry about the guys” he said looking down to the floor, “babe, it’s okay. It doesn’t matter to me as long as I got you, what they said didn’t effect me” I pulled his head back up. He smiled widely before kissing me, “thanks for having my back, back there” I chuckled a little. “Ya know how I am” he winked. We stepped off the porch, and made our way to our car parked in front. He opened the door like he usually does, when a yell made us stop our actions. “NATE” mike yelled, “not these fuckers again” he rolled his eyes. “Get in the car, and stay here” he said making me sit and closed the door. His body shifted which gave me a clear sign he was about to snap. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, Nate was calm for about 2 minutes, but then his body shift and I knew he was ready to swing. I got out the car quickly coming between the boys along with Emily. “What the fuck is going on?” I yelled, “this fucker said I’m whipped” Nate yelled but laughed. “Wait what?” Emily’s eyes furrowed, “im so confused” I dropped my hands to my sides. “Oh we made up, I was just fighting them because they said you got me wrapped around your finger” Nate laughed. “wowwwww” Emily rolled her eyes. “1) your a bitch, I was so scared and 2) you totally are, remember saying ” I don’t ever cuff hoes” not that I’m a hoe but still what happened to no cuffing?“ I smirked. ” DAMMMM YOUR GIRL TOLD YOU" dillon laughed. “Ouch that hurt” Nate pretended to be hurt. “Get over it” I rolled my eyes. The guys chuckled, “yo y/n, I’m sorry for what I said back there it was stupid” Sam said sincerely, “yeah me two” John joined, “me three” mike piped in “us too” Derek spoke on behalf of him and tez. “Nah it’s okay, I’ve been through this before I get it” I smiled, “please don’t go, I really wanted to get to know you” Emily pouted, I looked over to Nate who simply nodded his head, letting me know we could stay. “YES! Let’s chat” Emily said dragging me back inside for a adventure of a night.