i feel like everyone on my dashboard is liveblogging from the Jus in Bello convention in Rome and they’re not even from Italy, while i’ve lived here for the past 20 years and i’m at university, miles away from home and i fucking live near Rome, and i’m drowning in books cause i’ve have 4 exams starting next week but i’m really not accomplishing anything cause i’ve got to be on tumblr and read what people is liveblogging from jib, do u see my problem

salvachester asked:

what's FTT?? Yeah, when he flirts... JFC! i saw a gifset in a con where a fan asks about how Dean's voice keeps going lower, and they asked how much lower can it go, and he did such a dirty face. YES MISTER, I'D LOVE YOU TO GO DOWN, NOW STOP FRUSTRATING ME, SIR!

Yeah I know the set!It’s from JIB13. I just can’t find it right know. URG! I love the time at JIB14 when he literally flirts with one of the fans. Bobbing his head and shit. The Misha makes a comment about getting a room and Jensen points off stage. I would not have survived that!

FTT my friend is “Freakin Tongue Thing”…. for example

this is not including dean….

That  is the FTT! It is my doom……. well one of them…..