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38. Newspapers and Broadcasts

“Media,” when translated into Chinese, is literally “the medium for spreading.” It includes newspapers, magazines, books, and other “planar media”, as well as news broadcasts, television, movies, blogs, microblogs, WeChat, etc. Its definition will surely expand in the future.

When I was a peasant in Libeishang, my main media contact with the outside world was through the newspaper and news broadcasts.

1. The newspaper

For as long as I can remember, my family had ordered newspapers in Shanghai. It was either the Liberation Daily or the People’s Daily. I had even made an extra large mail slot to make it easier for the postal worker to deliver the paper. This mail slot was used from 1962 all the way until the building was demolished in 2006.

When I moved to Jiangxi, my mom advised me to order a newspaper when I got there. If I read it often and thought about it, I wouldn’t say anything wrong. No wonder she was always poring over the newspaper at home - she had to teach my father what to say when he went to work the next day.

After I had settled into Libeishang, I went to go find the Lugang postman, Old Xu. I wanted to order a subscription to the Jiangxi Daily. Old Xu said, “The higher ups just announced that each production team needs to order a copy of the Jiangxi Daily. It costs 12 yuan a year, and the production team is supposed to pay for it. We plan to deliver them to the residences of sent-down youth if possible, and the higher-ups seem happy with that course of action.”

Perfect! I would be able to read the news in just a few days. Newspapers that had been read found another important use as toilet paper. We Chinese have a tradition of respecting paper that has words on it, but these were desperate times. If we didn’t use the newspaper we’d have to learn the ancient practice of using bamboo strips, rocks, or straw instead. The only thing to remember was to make sure that there were no pictures of our leaders on the paper - that could be very problematic if someone were to report it.

The Jiangxi Daily. The heading uses the calligraphy of Chairman Mao.

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Chinese/ Taiwanese 🌞

“You don’t look Chinese” was a question I’d get asked almost every time I told someone what my identity was and it’s funny because there are over 50 ethnic groups in China and not one person looks the same. I can trace where my ancestors were from before they lived in Taiwan. My father’s side of the family was from Jiangxi and my mother side was originally from Jiangsu province. I am 100% Chinese but growing up looking the way that I do I often feel out of place because even my people would often praise me or say that I am beautiful because I look mixed race and they would put themselves down for having monolids, etc. my aunties would tell my mom that I was lucky because I didn’t inherit her “小眼睛,” everyone would remind her how I looked more like my father who has features like mine

For the last few years i’ve been trying to love who I am although sometimes I feel lost because I don’t exactly see myself in the media or find people who have similar stories like mine but I’m learning and growing as each day goes by. I love my culture and I am slowly embracing who I am and I thank angryasiangirlsunited for helping me along the way