ask and you shall receive | pt 2 (m)


pairing: jung hoseok x reader, sugar daddy! hoseok
genre/warnings: smut, oral, dirty talk, (cute) dom! hoseok
words: 15,413
summary: your sugar daddy says you don’t have to sleep with him if you don’t want to…trouble is, you do want to. You’re just nervous and a little inexperienced, but he catches on quick and begins to teach you the true pleasures of sex, and boy, are they good…

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a/n: my blood sweat and tears omgg! Thank you guys!!

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The First Time He Is Alone With His Infant Firstborn

Your mother is in town and the two of your have gone out shopping. It leaves Chan alone with his baby daughter. Hyewon is still very young and spends most of the day sleeping. Chan and her are laid on the big bed and Chan drifts in and out of sleep while he watches the baby girl snooze beside him. Whenever she wakes, he’ll get up to get her a warm bottle of milk and to change her nappies. She gets whiney after a while and Chan lays her down on his belly and she nods off again, feeling safe with her appa. When you come back, Chan and Hyewon are both vastly asleep.

You are out with friends and thus Hansol is home with his son Thomas. It is his day off. He’ll sit on the couch, with Thomas in his maxi cosi beside him. He’ll try to write a few lyrics, but ends up lifting Thomas in his arms and turns on the tellie. Thomas will instinctively cuddle into his dad and grope his small hand into Hansol’s shirt. After a while, Hansol puts Thomas back in the maxi cosi and sets to doing some chores. He drags the maxi cosi through every room of the house he has to be in. When you come home, Hansol has dinner ready and Thomas is awake to welcome you home.

For your birthday you have gotten a coupon for a day at the spa and you decided you’d go with Seunggwan. This leaves Jeonghan home with your daughter Dabin. And if you think he isn’t going to have the best time ever, you are wrong. He’s gona wrap her up warmly, but her in the stroller and go out. He’ll visit a friend and go to the park with her and Have lunch in a cute little coffee shop, where a few carats marvel at how beautiful Dabin is. Then he’ll go shopping with her, for a few nice dresses and sweet smelling baby soaps. As soon he gets home it is time to try on those clothes and brush her hair and make her all pretty. When you come home, Dabin looks like she had a day at the spa as well, smiling happily. Jeonghan however looks rather disheveled.


You have an important business meeting and Jihoon has a day off. So he is home alone with your son Kuen. He has never been alone with a baby before. He will spend the first 10 minutes pacing around, curling his fingers. Then Kuen starts crying and Jihoon will have to be a good dad. He’ll change the boys diaper and walks around with him until he is calm. Then he puts the baby back into his cot, but as soon as Kuan is alone he starts crying again. Jihoon sighs and pick the baby back up, testing if he is hungry. He ends up carrying the baby through the whole house and then sits down, with the baby on his lap and tries to write some lyrics on his phone. When you come home both Jihoon and Kuan are tightly asleep on the couch.

This angel will have the time of his life! You’re out with your dad and Joshua is home with Gaia. He’ll first make her a warm bottle for breakfast and have a quick nom himself. Then he will bathe her and dress her up nicely. He’ll start up a skype conversation with his parents and after that your, so that Gaia can see her grandparents. Joshua thinks this is important. Then he will let Gaia sleep for a while, doing some chores or write some lyrics. When Gaia wakes up, Joshua changed her nappies, bottle feeds her and heads out for a stroll in the park with her. After the stroll, Gaia goes to sleep again, in the cot in the living. When you come home, Joshua is already preparing dinner.


Jun is home with your son Lian, because it is his day off and because you are visiting your sibling in another city. Jun will mostly be memorizing the choreo Hoshi has come up with. But whenever Lian need his father, Jun is over in the blink of an eye. He’ll bottle feed him whenever he need and change the dirty nappies. Lian has a bad dream and Jun spends at least half an hour walking around, gently rocking the baby in his arms. When you come home, Jun sits at the kitchen table, feeding Lian another bottle.

Because you have a meet up with some of your friend, Minghao has the day off and stays home with your daughter Jiahn. That day he speaks only Chinese to her, so she will pick up her appa’s language as well. He will make sure she won’t want for anything. He holds her almost the entire day, feeds her when she is hungry and changes her nappy. He refuses to let her out of his sight. At the end of the day he’ll lay down on the bed with her and you find him there when you get home He even forgot to have dinner.

You are out with your best friend, Wonwoo, and have left Mingyu to care for your infant son Taehyeon.This is literally the best non problem you have ever had. In fact, you should film this, because shit would make you money! The crazy guy will drag Tae’s cot into the kitchen, so he can keep an eye on the baby while he bakes a cake, cookies and prepared for dinner. Between that and bottle feed Tae and changing his nappies, he will jolt down some lyrics and repair the toaster that he himself broke. He will sing softly to Taehyeon when the baby becomes fussy and holds him when he cries, When you and Wonwoo come home, the house is cosy and smells amazing and Tae is tightly asleep.

You have left sunshine senior and sunshine junior on their own to visit a friend who is hospitalized. Seokmin will spend most of his time on the couch, with his baby on his chest or beside him in the maxi cosi. He’ll mostly watch anime or have the baby in his lap when she is awake. Seokmin and Ayoung smile at each other and she’ll probably even give him a giggle. He’ll made sure her nappy is clean all the times and that she doesn’t grow hungry. When you come home both your sunshines are both asleep.

You leave the house for a shopping trip, leaving Seungcheol and your son Jiyeon home alone. Seungcheol will literally flick on his daddest dad mode he has. He’ll shower his little boy with attention. Even when Jiyeon is asleep, Seungcheol holds him and softly whispers at him. He’ll spend half the time watching telly and the other half looking after Jiyeon. It is literally the cutest thing. He even has fun changing the boys nappies. When you come home, seungcheol is on the carpet, shirtless, pretending Jiyeon is a plain.

He assures you he can do this. He can look after his own daughter for crying out loud. But as soon as you are out the door Haeyu begins to cry and Boo can’t get her to stop, so he is on the phone with his mom right away. He changes her nappies, gives her a bottle of warm milk, but she is still fussy. He is getting desperate and calls his mom for the so maniest time. After walking around and gently rocking her, she finally falls asleep. Seunggwan stat to practise his singing after laying her into her cot. When you come home, of course Seunggwan will tell you everything went perfect.

You leave Hoshi and your boy Suman alone for the day. And Hoshi is having a field trip with this. He’ll build a blanket fort where he and Suman take naps. He will make up a special nappy change song and makes myam myam sounds when he bottle feeds the boy. He and Suman play peekaboo and Hoshi takes pictures and sound bits of his giggly baby boy to send to his parents and the other members and it overall a cute day for dad and son. When you come back, Hoshi is breaking up the blanket fort, because Suman stank up the place with big baby farts.

Today Wonwoo and his daughter Gyuri are home alone, because you took time for your visiting brother. Wonwoo takes some time to spend reading and gaming, because Gyuri sleeps a lot, she is so young. He drops everything on a whim, though, when she cries. He makes sure her nappy is clean and that she isn’t hungry and when needed changes her nappy and gives her her bottle. When she is just uncomfortable he will walk around with her or rock her until she falls back asleep. When you return Wonwoo is on the bed, a book over his face and Gyuri on his belly.

  • Sewol Ferry tragedy
  • Chun Jungmyung and non-celeb breakup
  • Hyoyeon-Kim Junhyung breakup
  • Kimbum-Moon Geunyoung breakup
  • Ji Hyunwoo-Yoo Inna breakup
  • Kim Woobin-Yoo Jiahn (model) breakup
  • Gong Hyojin-Lee Jinwook breakup
  • Jo Insung-Kim Minhee breakup
  • Kim Suk Hoon and Lee So Yeon dating rumours denied
  • DENIED: Ex-After School member Yoo Soyoung and baseball player Shim Soo Chang dating rumours denied
  • SHINee's Jonghyun and Lee Yoobi dating rumours denied
  • Park Shinhye and Lee Minho dating rumours denied
  • Ex-KARA member Jiyoung and Supernova's Geonil dating rumours denied
  • Sungjoon and Suzy dating rumours denied
  • Jessica and Tyler Kwon dating rumours denied + marriage rumours denied
  • So Yi Hyun and Kim Hyung Jun dating rumours denied
  • Wassup's Nari-Sehun dating rumours denied
  • Kang Dongwon and Song Hyegyo dating rumours denied
  • Chansung and Liu Yan dating rumours denied
  • Kris and Xu Jinglei (director) dating rumours denied
  • Park Taehwan and Brave Girls' Yejin dating rumours denied
  • Jung Woosung and a non-celeb dating rumours denied
  • Eric and Na Hyemi dating rumours denied
  • Hong Jinho and Lady Jane dating rumours denied
  • Son Hoyoung and Ami dating rumours denied
  • Suzy and Lee Jongsuk dating rumours denied
  • Luna and non-celebrity (childhood friend) dating rumours denied
  • Gong Hyojin and Jo Insung dating rumours denied
  • G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara, dating or not MESS
  • Supporting Actor Woo Bongshik commits suicide
  • Actress and singer, Yoo Chaeyoung dies from stomach cancer
  • Leeteuk's father & grandparents pass away
  • Ladies Code's EunBi passes away after a tragic car accident
  • Ladies Code's Rise passes away 5 days after a tragic car accident
  • Singer-actress Han Nah, formerly once known under JYP, died by suicide in January.
  • Kris files a lawsuit against SM
  • Ok Taecyeon files a lawsuit against netizens who sexually harassed him online
  • Kris (Wu Yifan) leaves EXO
  • Jiyoung leaves KARA
  • Sanghoon leaves 100%
  • Kim Eun Jung leaves Jewelery
  • Yoo Ara & Yoonjo leave Hello Venus
  • Hon leaves Mr.Mr
  • Eden leaves LC9 (goes back to Canada)
  • Cheska leaves FIESTAR
  • Eunji, Lee Sem and Sera leave Nine Muses
  • Nicole officially leaves KARA
  • Jessica leaves SNSD.
  • Eunjung leaves Jewelry.
  • Aram and SooA left GI and Delight.
  • Sulli takes a hiatus from f(x)/entertainment industry
  • Leessang's Gil arrested for drunk driving
  • Hyoyeon 'alleged assault' reported to police.
  • Crayon Pop accused of pushing SNSD's Sunny.
  • Lee Min Ho's casino 'gambling controversy'. Denied.
  • MR. MR admit to diss SNSD with their song 'Mr.Mr'
  • Taecyeon 'controversial' statements on JYP Ent.
  • Kim Soohyun and Jun Jihyun in CF controversy
  • Lee Jongsuk accused of fan mistreatment
  • Park Bom drug controversy
  • Song Hyekyo tax evasion controversy.
  • Han Hyojoo and company cover up of her little brother's scandal
  • Kang Jihwan - Filipino lady bed selca controversy
  • Kim Hyunjoong accused of beating his girlfriend - admits to one of the accusations.
  • Jang Geunsuk late night camping controversy
  • Winner's Nam Taehyun iljin accusations.
  • Hyomin plagiarism-hommage controversy
  • SM Tax evasion rumours. Denied.
  • Kim Kwang Soo under investigation for misappropriation of company funds
  • After school Fanclub controversy
  • Baekyeon MESS (after confirming relationship)
  • Shin Junghwan fraud scandal
  • Mighty Mouth's Sangchu and Kim Moo Yeol army controversy
  • Illegal use of AOA's Mina's picture.
  • Kim Wonjoong massage parlor controversy (Kim Yuna's boyfriend)
  • Kemy releases Park Bom diss track.
  • Red Velvet Music Video controversy
  • Red Velvet group name controversy
  • Hyuna-Kim Taewoo hommage-plagiarism controversy
  • Sulli-Choiza (the mess before confirming their relationship)
  • Nodame Cantabile casting mess
  • Nichkhun Acting in China comment controversy
  • Roommate Nana controversies
  • MBC scriptwriter eats fan gift sent to SHINee's Jonghyun without permission
  • f(x) stops Red Light promotions.
  • Law of the Jungle injuries; Tao & UEE
  • Lee Seunggi's accident (hurts his eyes)
  • Dal Shabet's Soobin car accident
  • Suzy Sexual Harrassment controversy (proven false)
  • Music Video/Album Leaks - SNSD/VIXX/EXO
  • LC9's Rasa unexpectedly enlists to the army
  • JYJ Unfair treatment, Incheon Asian Games controversy
  • Jang Geunsuk in tax evasion scandal.
  • Ladies Code in a tragic car accident, member Eunbi passes away on the scene, Rise 5 days after.
  • YG trainee Jinhyeong scandal
  • SISTAR involved in music video plagiarism
  • Ryu Shiwon fined 7 million won for beating his wife
  • JYP's shady connection with fugitive Yoo Byuneun (owner of the sunken Ferry Sewol)
  • Two women threaten Lee Byung Hun with compromising photos/videos for 1 billion won
  • Model Lee claims to have had an affair with Lee Byung Hun + Lee Byung Hun's reps deny claim
  • Proof that Lee Byunghun had an affair with Model Lee arises + Lee Byung Hun's reps have 'no comment' on model's instagram proof
  • Famous exiled MC Kang Byungkyu makes a return to SNS (famous history with enemy Lee Byunghun)
  • Swings in distasteful SNS 'video of execution' controversy + makes official apology
  • Seungri gets into a car accident (several days after is hospitalised).
  • GOT7's JB & staff in a car accident (minor)
  • T-ARA's 'Sugar Free' accused of plagiarism
  • Netizens create a petition to halt Lee Byunghun's CFs
  • Netizens also create a petition to halt Han Hyojoo's CFs
  • Several of Lee Byunghun's CF companies halt their advertisements of him (due to his scandal)
  • Several of Han Hyojoo's CF companies acknowledge the anti-Han Hyojoo petitions.
  • Kim Hyunjoong issues a public apology to ex-girlfriend
  • Kim Hyunjoong's ex-girlfriend drops domestic violence lawsuit against him.
  • Lee Minjung reported to be staying at her parent's home after returning to Korea from Paris. Speculations say it's because of her husband Lee Byunghun's scandal.
  • CJ E&M deny money deal allegations on Kim Kwangsoo
  • All nine members of SNSD renew their contracts
  • SHINee's Jonghyun in 'Infinity Challenge' controversy + apologises
  • Open Music Concert' broadcasts Ladies Code last stage together
  • ZE: A's Junyoung criticizes agency on twitter
  • Red Velvet's logo controversy.
  • U-KISS AJ had heart surgery
  • Luhan lawsuit vs SM
  • Red Velvet's logo controversy