Character profiles of I Remember You - excerpts for Kyungsoo’s character, Junyoung

From Lee Hyun’s profile (Seo Inguk):

Different from others enough for a father to conclude that his own son is a monster, Hyun becomes tangled in a fateful encounter with the killer Lee Junyoung. He loses his father and has his brother taken away by Junyoung’s hand, and his memory suffers in the aftermath.

From Cha Jiahn’s profile (Jang Nara):

For a long time, she has followed Hyun. At first, it was because she saw a kindred spirit in him, but realizes that there is something strange about him.

After graduating from the constabulary with outstanding marks, she enters the central government’s office in order to access confidential information. Nothing other than Lee Junyoung’s case file. After Hyun’s return from America, they become closer. She is unsure if Hyun could really catch Junyoung.

From Lee Joongmin’s profile (Jeon Kwangryul):

Hyun’s father. The nation’s best profiler. While compiling a manual just for Hyun, he is killed in an encounter with Lee Junyoung.

From Hyun Jisoo’s profile (Im Jieun):

A colleague of Joongmin who was also his fast friend. After Joongmin’s death, she takes in an orphaned Hyun and looks after him like a mother. It is partly in honor of Joongmin’s memory, but also partly in guilt. She played a part in Junyoung’s prison break. This is something no one knows. In particular, she is afraid that Hyun will find out.