Music Tag

theI was tagged by my bby @igotsims (♡___♡) 

Rules: Put your music library on shuffle. List the first ten songs that come up, then tag ten people.

Like, I don’t really put any music on any device.. So I’m using my youtube list hohohoho! 

  1. Eric Nam -  Can’t Help Myself
  2. MELODYDAY - Kiss on the Lips
  3. Olivia O'Brien - Empty
  4. CHEETAH - Blurred Lines
  5. Meng Jia - Drip
  6. BLACKPINK - Whistle
  7. Triple H -  365 FRESH
  8. TABLO - BAD
  9. TINY-G - Miss You
  10. 2PM - A.D.T.O.Y.

Holy smokes, like number 9. That’s been ages ago. Wow.. It’s quite groovy. *tries dancing along XD * THERE’S A MAGIC ENGLISH SONG LMAO. no.3. *lols* Surprised to not see a japanese one considering I’ve got quite a bunch of those too. (most are anime op/eds tho lolol)

I tag these cool penguins ;; @sulsulpixels, @lilyshadowwriter, @thesimperiuscurse, @simply-kita-b, @enchantedunicornhideout, @neversayenevermore, @ciarasia, @jordutch@meeyou-x and @plushxsims ♡

Song recommendation:

Monsta x - Need u 

Monsta x - Miss you 

MOBB- Hit me 

AOA - Excuse me 

Red Velvet - rookie 

BTOB - Naivety 

Mino & Zico - okey dokey 

Seo in guk - Bebe 

Jesswo, microdot, dumbfoundead and lyricks - M.B.B

Meng jia - drip 

CNBLUE - Cinderella 

CNBLUE - between us 

FTISLAND - shadows 

FTISLAND - pray 

SF9 - Still my lady 

MINZY - Ninano 

PENTAGON - gorilla 

IMFACT - tension