“who’s that girl that’s looking back at me?”

  • 她是誰 (Who's that girl)
  • 孟佳 Meng Jia

who’s that girl that’s looking back at me.
the person in the mirror – she looks so foreign yet familiar,
wanting to escape from you.
oh girl that’s looking back at me with emotions that you can’t control.
who will notice your beauty // I don’t know yeah. 
I’m starting become unfamiliar with the person in the mirror-
never thought I would make these kinds of expressions.
In order to move on, how many times have I said sorry..
How much have I sacrificed in exchange for a thank you.

Emptied/hollowed and lifeless– I kept doubting myself.
Why do I give myself so many difficult problems?
I want you to do it, and keep telling you
forget about it gotta keep it moving.
When your footprints diverge because of reality, 
when you stare at yourself during times of confusion
perhaps you need to find a way to continue moving forward–
remember again that initial you who’s filled with perseverance.
Bit by bit, (you’re) understanding the meaning of life // 
your past experiences have molded the current you.
No matter what you think, (remember) to treat yourself well (the unique/only you).