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@jccaylen: This pic describes us so perfectly…..always laughing & enjoying every moment. Im so happy w life right now & she’s a reason for a part of that feeling. She’s nice, outgoing, funny, talented…kinda a dork at times :) but all in all, amazing in my eyes. For u all that don’t know her u will realize that soon enough. It’s hard to say things like this online becuz we have so many eyes judging our every move…I care for her so much & the last thing I want is for her to get any negative comments that are said for no reason. We don’t really know what we’re getting into but whatever we are we’re enjoying every second & that’s all that matters to us at the moment. That being said, let us live & be happy. We see the support, & luv u guys. Ps - I know ur reading this lia…I like u a lottle. Ya little poop. :)


Thank you for reminding us Jackson! You’re the best! Also make sure to sleep well and eat healthy foods. :)

This makes me feel good inside. Knowing that I stan the most sweetest and kindest group, GOT7!

My reaction

I died a little inside.

It’s like having an idol + boyfriend + bestfriend.  I can’t ask for much just their safety and good health.

This is the reason why I don’t have a boyfriend. Jackson keep setting the standard too high!