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SMRookies as things I have heard my friends say

Kun: “They aren’t ‘selfies’ they are portraits.”
Jungwoo: After crying. “I have deep seeded emotions.”
Yukhei: After being killed in OverWatch. “WHO DOES SOMBRA THINK SHE IS?” Quietly. “Sombra…”

Basement Theory

Now I know that all of us are super happy and excited about Yukhei and Jungwoo being confirmed as official SM Rookies. However, I’m not expecting a debut from them just yet. I am, however, expecting a debut from Kun and Hansol (but let’s be honest, when are we not expecting a debut from Kun and Hansol in these theories?)

If SM debuted Hansol and Kun soon, that would mean the there would be no boys left in the official SM Rookie lineup because they were the only two left. SM have announced Yukhei and Jungwoo now, probably as a replacement for Hansol and Kun as they will be debuting soon. That way, SM Rookies Boys won’t be empty. (We still got the girls that SM seem to have forgotten about…)

Every SM Rookie has been a Rookie for at least a year before debut and the only members who debuted without being members were Renjun and Chenle. 

Sadly, I don’t think Yukhei and Jungwoo will be debuting anytime soon as SM will want to promote them as Rookies more. It feels weird to me that they would announce them as Rookies and then debut them in a couple months. If they were going to do that, I don’t think they would have bothered with announcing them as Rookies like they did with Renjun and Chenle.

The good new though is that I think this is a very very good sign for a Kunsol debut very soon!  If SM weren’t planning on debuting Kunsol this year they would be putting them out in SR17B content, but they aren’t. This makes me think they aren’t going to be in SR17B because they’ll be in NCT instead. And to be honest, it’s about time

Nct according to Auto correct

Taeil: Moon Tamil
Johnny: Johnny September
Taeyong: Lee tasting
Yuta: Nakano to yuta
Doyoung: Kim song young
Ten: Chitra phone leechaiyapornkul
Jaehyun: Jung Jaclyn
Winwin: Song so cheng
Mark: Market Lee
Renjun: Huang remain
Jeno: Lee Jenn
Haechan: Lee song yuck
Jaemin: MA Jasmin
Chenle: Zhongshan checked
Jisung: Park kissing 

~ Bonus ~


Hansol: Jim Hanson
Kun: Qiang Kung
Lucas: Word yum height
Jungwoo: Kim Jung wood
grand tally of bvb injuries
  • mats hummels: misaligned hip and groin, out indefinitely
  • kuba blaszczykowski: thigh sprain, out for 4 weeks
  • ciro immobile: hip trauma, indefinite separate training
  • oliver kirch: muscle tear, out for 5 weeks
  • nuri sahin: knee operation, out for 8 weeks
  • mitch langerak: muscular problems; reduced exercise
  • lukasz piszczek: muscle problems, reduced exercise
  • dong-wong ji: torn muslce, out for at least 1 week
  • ilkay gündogan: inflamed nerve, out for at least 3 weeks
  • marco reus: partial ligament tear, out for 4 weeks
  • and champions league football hasn't even started yet.
unsere neue Verletzten-Liste

Marcel Schmelzer -  Muskelfaserriss                 - noch min. 2 Wochen Pause

Dong-Wong Ji       -  Muskelfaserriss                 - ca. 4 Wochen Pause

Oliver Kirch           -  Muskelbündelriss              - ca. 8 Wochen Pause

Nuri Sahin             - Sehnenentzündung Knie    - ca. 1 Woche Pause

Kuba                     -  Kreuzbandriss                     - Aufbautraining 

Adrian Ramos      -  Verletzung am Knie              - Diagnose offen

Ilkay Gündogan    -  Nervenentzündung Rücken - Rückkehr unbekannt