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Little chatterbox Seung Jae

u know sometimes i regret not sleeping a decent amount but then i remember that some of y'all are still sleeping on jeno n renjun so

that fact that people on twitter are talking more about hansol being taemins back up dancer than taemins first solo concert itself is beautiful and i couldn’t be happier 




Jacheongbi (자청비) is a Korean earth goddess who is also the goddess of love.

Jacheongbi’s story begins when she disguises herself as a young man in order to pursue higher education in the company of a young god for whom she has an attraction. For three years she maintains her masculine appearance, studying at an academy in Seoul and sharing a room – but not her true identity – with this son of the Emperor of Heaven, with whom she has fallen in love. The implication is that her desire for education and opportunity is equal to that for her young god, and she will simply do whatever is needed to achieve her goals.

Only when their three-year term of study is over does she reveal her true nature to and feelings for the young god. He is inclined toward love with her, and they secretly marry. However, he is called to return to the Garden of Heaven where his father lives, and where he had been committed to marry another. The father puts the two would-be brides to a test of walking on knives in the fire; the other woman refuses and instead starves herself to death, allowing Jacheongbi to become his goddess.

when ji eun tak went quiet when shin was vanishing into thin air and she just couldn’t even say anything and just watched him disappear like that and then started crying, sobbing and screaming and covering her mouth with those hard breathing wailing noises towards the floor and crying out a small no in between, thats when i fcking lost it and ugly sobbed so much. 

kim go eun, you are an fcking amazing actress

like im pretty sure we’ve all cried like that before (i mean of course for various different reasons) but DAHMN it’s just the way she was able to act that out?? it was perfection. she was able to convey what ji eun tak was feeling at that moment losing her lover in front of her to us the audience/viewers and make us feel those feelings as well.

she deserves all the awards.


Although Seungri was only imirating a fangirl’s voice, this still counts. You should hear his voice. Also the part when GDYB look at each other and burst in laughter [x]

[#84] jihoon → 100 ways to say i love you

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84:『 “the key is under the mat.” 』

pairing: lee jihoon x reader insert

genre: fluff

word count: 1,125

notes: wow!!!!!!!!! i actually got a request done this weekend!! im p happy w how this turned out hehe, wholesome soft fluff!!!!!!!!!!

→ 100wtsily prompts | masterlist

For once it is not the obnoxious bleating of his alarm clock that awakens Jihoon — nor does the light of the rising sun drip through his window and claw at his innocently sleeping eyes. No, what has him stirring out of sleep is the sound of his ringtone grinding against his eardrums; not the obnoxious tune he’s grown used to hearing every morning, but nearly just as ear-piercing. 

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