ji hyun woo


“In the world, there is such a relationship even without money or power, they keep loyalty and love each other and respect each other, that relationship. The one that loves more is the weak one, but the world where the strong one is the one that loves more exists somewhere for sure. […] I wish there would be more strong ones in the world. A world where more people who are loved would win. I wish that world would come soon.”


favorite couples (in no particular order): 1/x

choi hee jin +  kim boong do

I do not know what will happen now. Will we forget each other, or will we live unable to forget, forever in agony? If I have a final wish, it is to remember you. In a life without aims, to not even have those memories would be hell. And you, as for you. Even if you should happen to read this letter someday far in the future, I pray that you will not be able to realize whom it is for.


19. Chanwoo (iKON)

18. Shownu [Son Hyun Woo] (MONSTA X)

17. Ha Jung Woo

16. Ji Hyun Woo

15. Noh Min Woo 

14. Jung Woo

13. Kim Kang Woo

12. Kwon Sang Woo

11. Jung Il Woo

10. Minwoo (100%)

9. CNU [Shin Dong Woo] (B1A4)

8. Minwoo (ZE:A)

7. Baro [Cha Sun Woo] (B1A4) 

6. Lee Hyun Woo

5. Eunwoo (ASTRO)

4. Jinwoo (WINNER)

3. Minwoo (Boyfriend)

2. Dongwoo (INFINITE)

1. Minwoo (Shinhwa)