ji hoon


Last of the Best.

I guess its your time now, Jung Ji Hoon. Thank you for giving us ten great years! I wish you nothing but the best. Your mother would be so proud of all the hard work you have done. Thank you for giving us MBLAQ. Two years seems like a lot but I’m sure it will go by really fast. Stay healthy and come back soon! love youuu.

“There are many Singers who are stronger than me. I hear this from new singers a lot, and they say, "I want to beat Rain”. But if they sleep for 10 hours, I will only sleep for 5 hours, and I will practice harder. If Koreans are proud of talking about “Rain” when they are out and about then that would great. No matter where I am or what I do, I always want to be a great singer. “

  • Jihoon on stage:Woozi
  • Jihoon at a bar:Woozy
  • Jihoon in a farm:Moozi
  • Jihoon as a cobbler:Shoezi
  • Jihoon as a plant:Bamboozi
  • Jihoon sneezing:achoozi
  • Jihoon as a bird:Cockatoozi
  • Jihoon as an instrument:Didgeridoozi
  • Jihoon at the North Pole:Igloozi
  • Jihoon in australia:Kangaroozi
  • Jihoon in the shower:shampoozi
  • Jihoon as an artist:tattoozi
  • Jihoon as a search engine:Yahoozi