Hogwarts!AU according to RM.
Gryffindor; RM, JN (Namjin)
Hufflepuff; JH, V (VHope)
Slytherin; JM, SG (Yoonmin)
Ravenclaw; JK
Honestly Idk how lil Chim is a slytherin but ok, RM, ok.
-Admin Yoonji

20170226 - ‘2PM 6 Nights’ Concert Today Canceled Coz Jun_K ‘Fell Off’ - Pray 4 Jun_K

A few FA about Jun.k accident:

jun k fell from the trolley so 2pm is asking for a little break
cre: nuneo_trans

JH: It’s the first time this situation happened during the 10 years
WY: We can only hope that Minjun did not injure himself badly
2PM are asking everyone for their patience and to sit down in their seats
cre: yjjchoi

TY: I don’t think it’s appropriate to sing Hands Up right now
WY: We are very flustered as well.
JH: I think we need to discuss about this ourselves. Please give us some time. We are sorry.
cre: yjjchoi

The trolley is really high and everyone was shock.. JH and CS went down to see Jun.K immediately but staffs told them to get back
cre: kchan 1612 trans by: mmoookdivi

We heard minjun a little when he was being moved onto the stretcher but let’s not make assumptions and hope he’s okay.

mj is sent to hospital
cre: wooppar

Minjun oppa went to the hospital and they are canceling the concert
cre: Babybird9394

This situation so stress. All quite.Minjun fell down so high.He cant move and members stop this concert.
cre: DewvinciPC trans by : nininews

anonymous asked:

this is random but do you read fanfics? if you do what is you favorite vmin fics?

I LOVE FICS and just click on the name so sort it and the ones marked with stars are really good http://kths.tumblr.com/rec but from that list fingercuffs is most likely my fave

Hey Linh! Do you know which concert/fancam it was where Jimin tripped during FIRE (right in the rap transition from JH to SG) and Tae helped him up and they were laughing about it and dancing silly for a while before going back to performing? BTS were wearing white jackets. I’ve seen a lot of fancams, but no mention which was the original and when it was taken. I’m sorry for being a bother but I thought you would know. Thank you!!!

you’re no bother at all! it’s from the 160712 Osaka concert lmfao i know because I giffed it, here’s the original fancam!!

Hi linh I was wondering if you know what this tweet is saying? twitter(.)com/rolling_love7/status/835696212367962112

OP talks about how great taehyung is, the way he clasped jimin’s hands tightly and pulling a seated jimin up with just the strength of his arms!

Is it bts last day of promotion already ?:(

yes;; I think we’ll have one more performance on show champ but that’s pre-recorded

how do you join the bts fancafe?

anyone can join as long as they have a daum account but you’ll have to level up to actually see something, to do so you either have to a) answer the level up questions or b) pay for official membership

You say ‘i love how jimin’s playing along’ i’m like did he even or was that just his natural reaction to a hurting tae because i personally legit thought he was really crying there for a sec - even if he was just playing along PARK JIMIN YOU KNOW YOUR WAY TO A SHIPPER’S HEART uyuyuyuyu (btw sbs already blocked flora’s video man they work fast hahaha)

i think they all knew tae was just kidding bUT EITHER WAY that moment made me sob and yea SBS is the fastest when it comes to blocking vids lmao


Never was supposed to mean forever.

genre: angst/friendship/romance

February 24th, 2017

peter pan of the fairy tale series & 6/?

ksj | myg | jhs | knj | pjm | kth | jjk 

Our imagination was so grand

we called it Neverland.


That was our reality

ever since we were three.


“Will you be with me forever and ever?”

“Yes, let’s not grow up. Never.”


At six we’d escape to the outlook

and pretend we were being chased by Captain Hook.

We didn’t care about all of our noise

because we believed we were the Lost Boys.

We were such klutz

but that was us.


At nine

you were swinging on a tree vine.

I never would’ve figured

it’d take you down in the river.


But you came back up with a gasp

and I reached out so you could be in my grasp.

Though with a laugh you shook it off

and all I could do was shake my head at you and scoff.

However something else caught me by surprise.

There was a different look in your eyes.


At sixteen we were in high school

and there was no mistake that I was a fool.

I was still mesmerized

with the child-like look in your eyes.

They were just so blue

and I was so in love with you.


At eighteen we had gone separate ways

when all I wanted was to be with you every day.

Every now and then I catch a glimpse of your face.

Now all I want is to be in your embrace.


At twenty four I had to move on

so soon I was gone

from the memory of you.

That was the hardest thing I ever had to do.


At twenty seven I was married and had my first child,

who reminded me of you every time she smiled.

I couldn’t deny that it was true,

I was still truly, madly, deeply in love with you.


Maybe it was your fair skin

or the way your teeth showed when you grinned.

You always had my heart pounding

and left my thoughts clouded.

But nothing could amount to the size

of how much I loved your eyes.


Probably because in my head

you weren’t dead.


The memory of your eyes

still kept you alive.


Didn’t you know?

That day, you drowned in the river’s flow.


Since then, I’ve been in denial

and life has been rather idle.


I was still in love with the memory of you.

I wished it would’ve always been us two.

Together we always had fun.

I truly believed you would’ve been my only one.


I stand here by your grave and cry

while I’m saying one last goodbye.

I miss you.

I miss you.


I know it sounds so blue

but I’m sorry I grew up without you.