City By The Sea-Chapter Three

Andrea’s POV

We ended up in a diner a few blocks down the street from Josh’s house. I felt bad for him seeing as the need for him to constantly keep his head bowed down, and that was with a hat on.

“Are you sure you wanna eat here? We can just go back to the house you know” I admitted after being sat in a booth

“It’s fine. I love their pancakes here and I know you will too” Josh acknowledged

I felt silly being here with him, let alone wearing one of his plaid shirts. Josh tapped one of his fingers on the table as if he was nervous about something.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked

“Of course” He smiled

“So can I ask you what happened last ni-“ I began to ask Josh when I noticed him perk  up like a dog who had just  seen a tasty treat on display. I followed his glance behind me to see our waitress was coming. When she looked up from her notepad, she grew angry.

“What are you doing here Josh?” she glanced toward me annoyingly

Josh placed an arm on the booth and grinned, “Eating. What’s good here?”

“Nothing. It’s all full of shit. One would say, kind of like you Josh” the waitress placed the pen by her mouth and pondered teasingly and pointed it towards him

“Oh c’mon Sophie, can’t you see I’m trying to show my friend a good time? I told her all about your food, and she’s dying for a taste.” Josh looked toward me and winked

The waitress turned toward me, and glanced down at what I was wearing. Once she realized that I had on Josh’s shirt, her face drew a blank

 “I’ll be back for your order” she said coldly

I knew right away what was happening, he was using me. He either liked this girl, hated her, dated her, whatever the case may be, but he was using me to make her jealous.  I looked back to Josh who was grinning like an idiot looking at the menu. That’s when Sophie returned.

“So a stack of pancakes and some OJ for the lady?” he shyly asked

I shrugged my shoulders in confusion, I really didn’t care too much for eating after this awkward situation, especially with this hangover.

“2 stacks of pancakes, with some Orange Juice” he requested

Sophie scribble down the order as she was about to walk away Josh called out to her

“Can I add a cup of hot chocolate to that? With extra whip cream on the top” He asked

Sophie walked away without a word.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I questioned

Josh looked up at me, “What?”

“Anything you have to say about poor little Sophie?” I demanded

“Oh her, nothing really. She’s just a girl I know who isn’t so much of a classy lady if you know what I mean” Josh responded in a non chalant voice

“I don’t” I said in a cold tone, “Explain”

Sophie returned with my orange juice and Josh’s hot chocolate which she slammed on the counter.

“Don’t spit on my stack please!” Josh called out after her

He returned to look at me

“So?” I continued, “Why are you being so cruel to her?”

“She’s just not a girl who needs to be treated like a lady is all. She’s a foul mouthed, rude, lonely girl who has no respect for herself. That’s why she sleeps around”

That one threw me for a loop. He was judging her for being promiscuous? That I could not stand for.

“Well maybe she sleeps around to get rid of the horrid fact that she was ever with you, did you ever think about that?” I spit out

“Excuse me?” Josh said with a confused look

I grabbed my things and started to leave, “Just forget about it Josh, thanks for trying and all but, I don’t think I can be friends with someone who is such an asshole to women, especially one whom he was with.”

“Andy, it’s not even like that, don’t make this a big deal” Josh reasoned

“It is a big deal!” I began to raise my voice, “You don’t judge a girl by who she decides to sleep with, or why, or when. You got it?”

I didn’t wait for an answer and made my way  out of that diner, I ran back to Josh’s house the whole way and hopped into my car. I wanted to scream and cry for what had just happened. It brought back memories of my past, of who I once was, this morning was already bad as is, and the way Josh treated Sophie made it worse. There was only one person who I could call and talk to. I just needed to race home in time to call her before she headed to work.

I made it home quicker than I expected. I ran to the phone and dialed Leah’s number. She had about half an hour left. The phone rang and thankfully she answered after the first ring.

“Hey Poo Butt” she answered

“Hey” I said as I tried holding back tears.

But Leah knew me too well. There was a reason why she was my best friend.

“What’s wrong?” She asked

“Memories. Bad ones” I sighed

“Oh, sweetie. What happened?” Leah asked

The tears began to flow from my eyes, “God how bad was I in high school Leah?”

“You weren’t that bad honey-“ Leah began but I cut her off

“Don’t lie to me Leah” I said sternly

Leah exhaled, “It’s just, you let the guys treat you the way you thought you deserved to be treated. But nobody knew the honest, funny, caring girl that you were.”

I choked back more tears as I walked toward my refrigerator. I saw that I only had a couple of more beers left, which meant I had to make them count. This one time seemed fit, so I grabbed a can and popped it open.

“Oh babe please don’t drink that beer” Leah begged

“It’s my last one” I lied

“Better be” She responded, “So what happened?”

I filled her in on everything from the accident to going over to Josh’s house.

“How bad were you last night?” Leah questioned

“I don’t know” I said softly and opened my 2nd can

“Andy!” Leah yelled

“Ok this one is it I promise!” I lied again

“I’m not kidding this time when I tell you that I’ll go over and beat your ass if you deserve it” Leah repeated

“Yes mom” I teased

“Stop it Andy, you haven’t been there a week and already youre trying to escape” Leah continued

“No one said anything about running away, I like it here” I retorted

“That’s not what I meant” Leah replied

I stood quiet. I knew she was right, I couldn’t afford to go back, and I refused to go back.

“You know what I think you need?” Leah asked

“For you to get your ass down here?” I curiously asked

Leah chuckled, “You read my mind darling”

“Thank You” I admitted

“I gotta head down to work but call me tomorrow ok?” Leah requested

“Yeah” I responded

After we said our goodbyes I was feeling much better. Enough to go for a run down at the beach, it was what I wanted, it was definitely needed. I couldn’t be more thankful for Leah right now, I loved my best friend. Plain and simple, so I headed to my room and changed into my running clothes, grabbed my ipod and turned it all the way up.

Wrapped in Your Arms

Chapter 5

 Sorry about the delay I will try to post new chapters every Friday so stay tuned!!! ALI’S POV

I sit up fast in my bed, with sweat all over my forehead. Thank god, it was just a dream. I start to cry. I guess josh heard me because, he bolts into the room. “Hey are you okay?” He says as he sits beside me on the bed. “Just a bad dream.” “About what?”


 "It was about…" Ali starts to cry. I sit in the other side of her and she cries into my arms. “Shhh, it’s okay, you’re safe, you’re with me. No one will hurt you. You’re safe as long as you are wrapped in my arms.” “Really?” She asks wiping her tears away. “Really.” I say back to her. Am I taking this to fast? We have only known each other for a week. “Can you stay… Please.” She says in a soft voice. “Yes of corse I’ll stay.” I say giving her a kiss on the forehead. Alison rests her head on my chest and she is out like a light. I fall asleep a few hours later listening to the sound of her breathe.


I wake up and Alison is gone. I jolt up scanning the room for Alison. She is nowhere in sight. “Alison!” I yell out. There is no answer, “Alison!” I yell out again. “I’m in the kitchen!” She yells back, I let out a sigh of relief.

 When I walk to the kitchen Alison is making pancakes, normal ones And ones with chocolate chips in them.

“Why are you making breakfast?”

 "It’s a thanks for letting me stay for the night.“ She says as she flashes me a smile.

She hands me a plate with two pancakes and strawberry syrup (that she made herself) drizzled over top of it. "Wow this look delicious!” I exclaim. I take a bite of the pancakes, “Oh god,” I say. “What? Do they taste bad?” She says in a panicky voice. “No there delicious!” I say with a mouth full of pancakes. She lets out a sigh of and continues putting batter in the pan.

 I notice she is still wearing my white T-shirt and a pair of spandex. My shirt looks like a dress on her, the bottom of it just passes her butt.

Ali sits on the chair beside me and sets her plate on the island. “Can I ask you something?” She says. “Yeah, shoot.” “Were did my clothes go.” She says laughing a bit. “Oh yeah, I put them in the washer because I didn’t think you would want to have the smell of beer and smoke all over your clothes.” She lets out a little laugh and picks up our plates and walks over to the sink and turns on the tap.

 I jump up and ask her “What are you doing?” “I’m washing dishes.” She says in a innocent tone. “No, no, no you made breakfast, the least I could do is wash some dishes.” I take the cloth from her hand and start to wash.

After I’m finished i lead Ali to the laundry room to get her clothes, I pull out her jeans and she puts them on. All of the sudden her phone rings and she takes out her phone and looks at the screen. “I have to go.” She says in a disappointed voice. She walks out of the laundry room to get her bag and she is standing by the door.

“So I guess this is goodbye.” She says. “No, not entirely. ” I pause for a second and say “Do you want to hang out later tonight, we can order some pizza and watch a movie.” “A lazy Saturday night, sounds like a plan.” “Good” Alison puts her hand out for a shake but instead I cup her swollen cheeks and pull her in for a kiss. I feel an amazing spark that I haven’t felt with any other girl before.

 She is the first to pull away. God Josh a handshake would have been good enough.

“I guess I’ll see you tonight.” Ali says looking down at her feet. “See you tonight.” I say.

 Ali opens the door and walks out. I see a car in the driveway it must be her friends because I she never drove a car last night. I see her get in the passenger seat and the car is off.

Was it the kiss? Was the kiss bad? Is that the reason why she tried to get out so quickly? These questions run through my head over and over and over again.


I open The passengers seat to ambers car and I hop in. Amber takes a deep breathe in. “Why didn’t you tell me you were going to stay the night at his house? I was worried sick. I would’ve understood, you guys got drunk and…” I cut amber off “Amber, we didn’t have sex. I never meant for me to stay at his place. Something happened at the clubs and he took me back to his place. Nothing happened.”

 "What happened?“ I take a a deep breathe before telling her what happened. We hit a red light and I tell her.

 "When we were dancing a guy started to grind up on me, I started to feel uncomfortable so josh moved us to a different spot. The followed us and he squeezed my ass, I turned around and slapped him, after that he told me about teaching women there place, he grabbed me by the wrist and josh was trying to release his grip, the guy dragged me by the wrist to the washroom,” I let out a few tears and amber rubs my shoulder “And he started to strip himself and me of our clothes. He had his hand around my neck pretty much suffocating me.”

“Did he?” Amber interrupts me.

 "No luckily josh barged into the washroom and started to beat him up, he knocked him out and we ran for it, the guy slapped me and punched me a couple of times.“

"Ali, I’m so sorry, this is horrible, it’s pretty much Damon all over again , but worse. At least you don’t have bruises or bumps, I would have been blue by now.” She says. I take out the baby wipes that amber had under her passenger seat, I take a wipe out of the small container and wipe off the makeup I put on earlier to cover up my bruised and swollen face. I take off the makeup and amber is in shock.

We pull up in our driveway and we get out of the car, I stick my key into the key hole and open the door I take off my jacket and I lay myself on the couch stomach first. Amber lifts up my legs that are spread on the couch and she sits under them.

“Josh kissed me… twice.” I say to break the silence.

“Oh my god!” She says in a girly voice as she springs up from her position. “How was it? Was it good.”

 "It was fantastic, he is an amazing kisser, his lips are so soft and warm there very comforting.“ I say. Amber scans me very weirdly,

 "What’s wrong?” I ask her.

 "What shirt did you wear yesterday,“

"My pink sweater with the white poka dots, why?”

 "You liar!“ She yells at me.

 "Excuseme?” I say.

“You are such a terrible liar Ali, you said you didn’t have sex with josh last night.”

“Yeah that’s because we didn’t”

“Then who’s shirt are you wearing?”

“Josh’s but he leant me it to sleep in.” I say.

 I get my phone out if my pocket and I dial Josh’s number, he picks up right away. “Hey” I hear his sweet voice through the phone. “Did you forget your shirt here?” He says, I start laughing feeling a bit embarrassed. “Yeah I guess so, but how did you figure it out?” “Well I went to go get a shirt from the dryer and I found a pink seawater in it. Then I thought to myself, do I wear pink sweaters with poka dots on them? Then I could only come up with one thing. It’s yours.” I let out a giggle and I say. “So That means I’m still wearing your shirt.” I say. I can feel his smile through the phone. “Yeah, you can bring it over tonight when we have our lazy night.” He says with excitement. “Yeah I’ll bring it over, so I guess I’ll see you tonight?” I say. “See you tonight.” He says and he hangs up the phone.



 Okay I’ve got three movies, got some chips, popcorn, and some beer. This night has to be perfect. There is just something about Alison that is so intense so beautiful, and I want to get to know her and not jump Into things to fast like I usually do with my other relationships.

 I hear a knock on the door, it must be Ali. I get up off the couch and I open the door and there she is beautiful like always. Alison had long blonde hair and green eyes. Im quite taller than her she is about 5"2 and I am 5"7 so I’m taller than her which is good because some of the girls that I dated were taller than me, just the same size as me or a tiny bit smaller.

She is looking beautiful wearing a black and white baggy sweater with cool looking triangle patterns on it. She hands me a white t-shirt and I run to my room and hand her her pink sweater.

 "So what movies did you pick out.“ She says letting herself in. "Well I thought we could watch three.” “What are the options?” I lay down three movies On the island and which she sits at. She points at the movie I thought she would and she runs to the couch and sits down.

I pop in the DVD and the main menu for Crazy Stupid Love. I get the remote and press play. I sit down on the couch and Ali sits right beside me, Ali then puts her head on my chest and the movie starts.


The movie ends and Ali is asleep in my arms, I nudge Ali and her beautiful eyes flutter open. She flashes me a smile and I can’t help but to smile back at her. “Is the movie already done?” She asks me. “Yeah.” “I’m sorry I fell asleep.” “It’s okay. So why did you leave so quickly yesterday?” She doesn’t answer. “Was it the kiss?” “No josh the kiss was amazing.” I let out a sigh. “My friend amber was worried about me because I was gone all night, then I had to tell her what happened at the club.” Ali’s phone starts to ring.

 She goes to the island and gets her phone. She answers the phone and a worried look crosses her face. “I’m sorry I have to go,” she says grabbing her bag and her jacket. “Wait, why?” I say running towards the door. “I’ll tell you when I’m ready.” Ali says before she crashes her lips Into mine. She wraps her hands around my neck and we stand there making out for a good five minutes. “Bye."she says as she breaks the kiss. She pecks my lips and she is out the door.

Famous Hearts-Chapter Twenty Four

Sorry this chapter is a little on the short side as well :( but one more chapter to go guys!! :( well that and an epilogue lol you cant finish a fanfic without an epilogue :)


Positive always meant good. Positive means great. It means youre doing things the right way, you did a good job. Nothing can harm you as long as you do the right thing, eat your vegetables, help out the old lady with her bags, open doors for women, don’t eat too much junk food, don’t do drugs. And wear a condom. The one thing I should have done, I didn’t do. So why is this little test telling me its positive? How is this good? I messed up. And its telling me good job? Is that sarcasrm? I realized I was now giving this inanimate object the death glare. I didn’t even realize Reggie had been crying. It brought me back to reality and I rushed to her side

“Shh its ok” I cooed

“Don’t tell me its ok! Its not going to be ok Josh! Do you think anyone is gonna wanna hire a fat actress? I don’t think so! My career is done!” she yelled

I stood quiet      

“Baby lots of actresses have kids and jump right back to it after giving birth. Whose to say you cant do it too? You are one of the strongest people I know, you can handle it” I said as I crouched down and placed my hands on her knees

Reggie slowly stopped crying, “Its going to be really hard”

“And we’ll fight it together, every step of the way, I can promise you that” I tucked a strand of her behind Reggies ear before placing a soft kiss on her lips

“Were having a baby, Reggie.” I repeated once more before kissing her again

A smile crept up Reggies lips, “I’m scared”

“Don’t be” I replied

“I’m gonna get fat” Reggie retorted

“Ill get fat with you” I stood up and held out my hand

“Im gonna get crazy” Reggie took my hand as I led her to the bedroom

“I promise to be patient” I whispered in her ear

“I love you so much” Reggie whispered back before kissing me

We were by the foot of the bed, she I eagerly kissed her back. before we knew it we were on the bed.

“So whats the sex policy for pregnant people?” I said in between kisses

Reggie chuckled beneath me, “Shut up and kiss me”

“Yes ma’am” I responded and kissed her again


I was in the kitchen dipping my almond roca in peanut butter waiting for josh to wake up from his nap. He immediately fell asleep after we were done. shouldn’t I be the one that’s tired? I am the one that has to do everything for 2 now.  I figured I should start breaking the news to people, the first ones that popped into my head were my brothers. I dialed Alex’s number and waited for my answer

“Yo” he answered

“Hey poo. Is Christian with you?” I chuckled

“Yeah hes here. Were about to play some black ops. You wanna join?” Alex asked

“I cant right now, Im eating. I’ll ask Josh if he’ll play when he wakes up” I replied and began to bite my nails and shaking my leg. A trademark nervous habit of mine.

“So what’s up?” Christian yelled out from the room

“Oh good I’m on speaker” I said as I got up to pace the room

“Um, I have something to tell you guys. Youre going to be uncles! Yay!” I said quickly

“Youre lying” Alex hesitated

“I am not lying” I responded

There was silence on the other end, “Guys? You there?”

“That’s great Reggie! You’ve always said how you’ve always wanted a baby! And what better man to give it to you than Josh? Josh is the father right?” Christian chuckled

“HA! HA! Very funny. Yes he’s the dad you moron!” I exclaimed as I sat back down

“Geez, mood swings already? “ Alex joined in, “Whats up your butt?”

I hesitated, “I don’t know. Its true I’ve always wanted a baby but I never planned it this soon. I wanted a couple more years to build my career get it fully established and be financially stable”

“Really? Reggie you’re career has BEEN fully established and you’ve BEEN financially stable for some time now. Stop fighting it, youre going to be a mom. Just like you wanted. You should be jumping up on tables, screaming it to the world, handing out flyers I don’t know” Christian lectured

I couldn’t help but laugh at his remark

“And im gonna be an uncle! Im gonna have a niece to spoil and protect or a nephew to teach the ropes!” Alex continued

I sighed and placed my forehead in my hand bowing my head down

“You guys always know how to make my day better, really. I love you guys” I whispered

“Eh, love you too!” they both replied in unison

“Listen don’t tell mom, I wanna tell her on my own” I asked

“Duh! She’s not gonna be able to sit still” Christian replied

“Yeah I don’t wanna be around for that” Alex chimed

I laughed once again at my brothers ability to make everything a joke and lift my mood instantaneously

As soon as I said goodbye to my brothers I heard Josh’s footsteps down the hall. He walked in with his boxers, and messy bed hair

“Sexy” I smiled

“Hey” he said groggily

“Hmm. I love your sleepy voice baby. Keep talking and I could go for round 2” I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his waist and began to place kisses on his neck

Josh chuckled, “Don’t you mean 4? Couldn’t get you off me earlier”

“And that’s a bad thing because….” I waited for Josh to respond

“This baby is gonna be the death of me” Josh laughed

Josh picked me up as I wrapped my arms around his neck and shoulders and ran over to the bedroom. Kicking the door shut as soon as we entered.