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Starting over


I switch off “Peeta” as best I can, but it couldn’t be more ironic. He’s hurt, I’m hurt.

Its been nearly three months, and I’ve been able to keep it together, somewhat. Now being asked to delve back into that place, of being hurt and feeling unjustifiably used, just dredges up all of these previously buried feelings. Its hard to get over her if I’m constantly revisiting the same stuff over and over, take after take.

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blame me later. (NC-17)

Here it is, that beast of a chapter. I hope you enjoy it, almost as much as I have. 

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Smiling widely, I couldn’t be prouder. I think we got it in fewer takes than expected. I just need to look at the daily with Francis to make sure. After all the hard work and the preparation, we’re finally on set and I am the first AD, and directing the 2nd set. Normally I’d never agree to taking on any directorial responsibilities. But because we’re crunched for time Francis has asked me to shoot with one of principles, Josh Hutcherson to be precise, for possible B-reel material. While he’s off doing an Act 1 scene with Jennifer, Lenny and Willow.

I’ve been nervous about the prospect of actually directing, normally I’m the one in the background - coordinating the chaos to make everything come together. But Francis trusts me, and it doesn’t hurt that the schedule means that I actually HAD to do some of the 2nd set filming in order to complete anywhere near schedule. Not to say that I don’t mind doing some directorial work, but It’s not really my cup of tea. I’m more of a logistics kinda gal. I guess you could say I get off on getting my check-list completed. That’s not to say that I’ve not done some of my own creative work, but never on this scale, and never with A-list actors.

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My first thought is always “why me” and then it moves to “why the hell not!” regardless I always want to show appreciation for/to those of you whom have decided to join this part of the cougar den. Welcome, and keep your arms and hands inside.

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