My two cents on THAT Josh interview.

Okay, I’ve been wanting to kind of say something about this for a while but have refrained from doing so, mainly because I like to remain neutral on things and not upset anybody. But I’ve changed my mind.

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You want to know why this PR crap is a bunch of bullshit well because you are attacking two couples that happen to have Josh and Jennifer and what does Josh plus Jennifer equal that’s right joshifer I mean can you make it more obvious that people are only making up this PR crap because of joshifer I mean if you really believed that they are both in a PR relationship then why not go and also attack other celebrity couples who have also been spotted by paparazzi because come on josh and Jennifer are not the only ones. Now I don’t know much about Jennifer and her relationship and I don’t really care either because Jennifer or her relationship is not of enough importance to me but I know enough that wether I like Jennifer or not I have no right to go and make up false rumors about her and to go and assume false things about her relationship. And as for Josh and Claudia well I have made it pretty obvious how I feel about them. What I’m trying to say you haters always come up with the same PR crap for these two couples and your intentions have become pretty obvious your only reason for it is Joshifer because I know deep down you don’t actually believe that some one like josh and Claudia who have been together for like what 4+ years are fake I mean come on what are they promoting now the air and don’t start with Claudia is using him for fame because like I have said before the girl won’t even talk about him on interviews she won’t post a single picture with him on social media like honestly you think if she wanted to use him for fame she would brag more about her relationship but she doesn’t say anything about it at all and to top it all off if she wanted to use him for fame she would have moved to LA a long time ago because that’s where most people go when they want to become a famous actress or actor but she has not she is still living in Spain and at this point if she ever does move to LA it not going to be for your little PR crap it’s going to be for their relationship and for her personally as a person. Your true intentions for this PR crap have become incredibly see through and from what I have seen every day less and less people are believing theses ridiculous PR rumors and it’s always the same people that come up with the PR crap. You want to support and ship Joshifer go ahead no one is stopping you but it’s time to hang up the towel on the PR crap because it’s getting old and it just doesn’t make any sense anymore and it’s time to leave josh and Jennifer partners alone I don’t know how much hate Jennifer boyfriend gets but if it’s anywhere close to the hate Claudia gets then you all have officially lost your minds that I don’t even think Josh and Jennifer themselves would consider you all true fans and not because you don’t support their relationships but because you have no respect towards their relationships and their partners. Agin there is a difference between supporting something or someone and between respecting something or someone I think it’s time you all learn the difference. And just throwing this out there you don’t have to walk around with a smile on your face to be considered happy god knows I don’t smile every time I go out but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy so stop using that smiling crap as an excuse.