Bloody Bouquet, Tsukinami Carla and Shin.

Hi guys! It has been a while since I published something for the DL fandom, but a few days ago I woke up with the great news of reaching my 100 followers! Thanks to the support of this fandom in my first edits I was able to reach this goal, so to all those people who helped me send them a virtual hug. To celebrate this achievement today I started to edit some wallpapers, I chose the Tsukinamis because I had never done anything about them, and take advantage of all the official art for the Bloody Bouquet. Hope you enjoy them!

PS: Would you like me to do more wallpapers of the rest of the guys with this theme?

I fucking love Isayama’s high school AU. I mean, think of all the fantastic possibilities.

  • Pastor Nick is the hyper-religious father of one of Hanji’s students and is a giant pain in her ass when she starts teaching evolution.
  • Hanji is a pyro and constantly lighting things on fire in her chem class whenever the opportunity arises.
  • Moblit is the other science teacher and has to deal with Hanji’s shit.
  • Falco, Gabi, Sophie, and Udo are all in the town’s junior high school.
  • Mikasa listens to Death metal and Screamo. She introduces it to Eren, who likes it cause he’s an edgy teenager. Carla comes home to it being played way too loud whenever Mikasa comes over to help Eren with homework.
  • Eren offers to teach Mikasa how to fight so she can ward off Jean on her own. After a week of it Mikasa can kick Eren’s ass and Eren tries really hard not to be sensitive about it.
  • Eren’s mom always had him do a lot of chores, so he absentmindedly cleans all the time. Levi notices this and is constantly giving him pointers and weeding him into helping with cleaning. Eren is essentially an unpaid 2nd janitor after a while. Eren respects but is mortally terrified of Levi.
  • Sasha and Connie are constantly stoned.
  • Ymir and Reiner have an intense rivalry over Historia. Ymir one time made a dis track about Reiner and roped Connie (and by extension, Sasha) into passing it out around school. Bertholdt had to stop Reiner from making one in response.
  • Connie is Ymir’s unofficial little brother and she pretends to not care immensely about him. He is also Reiner’s little brother. Connie has no idea that he’s in a lowkey, passive-aggressive familial love triangle, but he knows that he is often stressed when those two get involved.
  • Grisha met Dina when he was 18 and she got him into the same cult she was a part of. They got married after a few months and had Zeke, who they were bad parents too. Eventually he realized he was in a fucking cult and got a divorce, after which he met and married Carla later in life. 
  • Zeke still detests his father and was super rebellious all the way until he dropped out of high school and formed a shitty funk band called Monkey Trouble. Zeke is constantly trying to get Eren to rebel from his dad.
  • Dina is currently in prison for felony drug possession.

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DoD 1 year celebration | 60 Days, 60 Singers

Day 15: Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd
Carla: October 4th, 1976 (United States)
Heidi: April 17th, 1985 (United States)

Bands/Projects: Butcher Babies (2010 – present)

Apart from being a singer, Carla is also an author, artist and actress.
She has a degree in Mortuary Science from California’s Cypress College, and worked as an embalmer and funeral director before forming the Butcher Babies.
Heidi was raised in a Mormon society and even got married at 20 years old. Then she decided that she wanted to pursued her dreams and leave to Los Angeles to work in a radio station.


People need to stop hating on Courtney Love, Heidi and Carla of Butcher Babies, Maria Brink of ITM, and Hayley of Pmore. I feel like people are hating them on purpose. They’ve all been through so much shit in their lives. At least they don’t spend their whole day behind the computer saying shit, and at least they make awesome music and are cool and super talented.

Diabolik LoversXMonster Musume

Your handsomely swaggy Prince Zero has just finished watching this eechi-harem anime called Monster Musume. I thought it’d be funny to pair those monster girls with my idiot brothers and those.. other idiot vampires! So, I hope you all enjoy the embarrassment~! I’ll give you their names and (species).

Shu: Doppel (Shapeshifter)

Reiji: Meroune Lorelei (Mermaid)

Ayato: Zombina (Zombie)

Kanato: Manako (Cyclops)

Laito: Miia (Lamia)

Subaru: Centorea Shianus (Centaur)

Ruki: Rakunera Arakunera (Arachne)

Kou: Kuroko Smith (Human)

Yuma: Tionishia (Ogre)

Azusa: Suu (Slime)

Carla: Lala (Dullahan)

Shin: Lilith (Lesser Devil)

Kino: Kyuri (Vampire/Bat Woman)

So I’ve joked to @toushindai before about the possibility of Archangelo being the last unknown hitman/assassin that the Gandors have hired in 1935 but I’ve just had a Concept and I just, you guys, hear me out. Concept: the final Gandor assassin is Carla.

I just…picture it, PICTURE IT OKAY in 1935-E we cut to the scene in which the hitman shows up at the top of the basement’s staircase, and before Luck says the person’s name we get a full blown Enami illustration revealing the person’s identity and it’s Carla standing at the top of the stairs

It won’t happen but my God it’s a glorious concept. The entire fandom would lose our collective shit. Not only would Carla be confirmed immortal in the most unexpected way but she’d also be working with Luck and Ladd and Maria and Tick and fuck I think I want it even more than I sort of want Archangelo to be the final assassin in a crack sort of way. 

  • Hamilton: It's alright Burr, I wish you brought this girl with you tonight Burr
  • Burr: You're very kind but I'm afraid it's unlawful, sir.
  • Hamilton: What do you mean?
  • Burr: She's married
  • Hamilton: I see
  • Burr: She's married to a british officer
  • Hamilton: ¡NO ME DIGA!