Lugia and Ho-Oh from Pokémon Gold/Silver!

Watercolooooorsssss tons of featheeeeers xD

Yay this is one of the illustrations I did for the Poketrainer’s Guide Artbook ^^

🥝 You can purchase the book here! >> poketrainerguide.tictail.com/


It’s done!!! My first minky plushie! I’m so proud of how she turned out. She’s made of minky, filled with poly pellets and stuffing, the eyes are painted felt with glitter so they shimmer in light beautifully. (So hard to capture in pictures) the gem on the forehead was sculpted , painted with metallic paint and coated in gloss so it’s extra shiny.

Hit me up if you want your own! Floppy pokes in this pattern and size are $80+ shipping.

Got a couple pieces that will be on display/for sale starting this weekend!

This 5x7 Sneasel watercolor painting will be shown at @3tarts Valentine’s Day Pokémon art show at @honeyandbutter from feb. 4th to mar. 4th. Check it out if you’re in the Irvine, CA area 🙂

The Lake of Rage

The largest lake in the region and arguably the most dangerous one.

Said to be made by several rampaging Gyarados forced to compete in once such a small lake, it had expand much larger than anyone could expect.

Stories were told from the elder fisherman who remained to watch the spectacle say it was the fascinating and dangerous event unfold.

Gyarados thrashing against the lakebed and shore, the lake growing ever deeper by the day. Some say it was planned by the species itself, that despite its ferocious temperament, they worked together to expand their home for all to live. They created storms so fierce, the downpour and wild winds making it near impossible to remain and watch for long.

There is also other stories of the Gyarados merely fighting for territory from one another, the destruction of their constant bouts leading to the creation of the lake.

The people believe in both but it is only the brave who truly know the truth and have endured the worst of it.

For now, the storms have quelled, making the lake once again inhabitable for other aquatic pokemon.

Fisherman have created a sport to capture the largest prize, a shiny Gyarados, to be crowned King of the Lake for year.

Yet… no one has managed to capture one due to the Gyarados’ famous rage.

Some say it’s a legend, the fisherman… A large bite on their boat tells otherwise. No one truly believes in wild tales~

But they say it is the source of Rage and Fury itself.


Pokémon Regions + Their Inspirations

Kanto - Celadon City inspired by Shinjuku, Japan

Johto - Mt. Silver inspired by Mount Fuji, Japan

Hoenn - Sootopolis City inspired by Iōjima, Japan

Sinnoh - Jubillife City inspired by Saporro City, Japan

Unova - Skyarrow Bridge inspired by Brooklyn Bridge, USA

Kalos - Lumiose inspired by Paris, France

Ilex Forest

There is no foreboding forest in the region of Jhoto like this. The forest dense, the trees so compacted closely to one another that sunlight rarely seeps through the forest’s canopy to so much touch the surface.

Spinark are known to thrive in this location among with many other Bug Pokemon that call this place home. Yet despite the shadow overcast and sense of darkness the forest gives off, the area is counted as the most easiest route to travel through.

With the Pokemon let alone more skittish of your shadow than that of the another, Ilex is but a mere breeze to pass through without much trouble.

Yet if you are not careful, you may get lost. Ilex forest is often described as a maze. Without the necessary tools to continue, you may be forced to turn back or risk getting lost. Remember to contact the local Ranger on duty for assistance. It is required you cut your way through to the end if you have a means to make it out by sunset.

As you travel through, you have may forgotten to make note of a shrine near the entrance of the forest.

Unmanaged, forgotten, an old shrine dedicated to the Kami of Time was made here to pray for safety and good will. Some are said to hear the Celebi’s chime like cry echoing through the forest.

Once this forest was vibrant, filled with life and light. Once this place was called the Forest of Time.