jhope.... pls

Bangtan walking in on you trying to get off while watching porn

-He’s a little hurt
-“Babe, why were you watching this when you have me?”
- Wants to be the only reason you cum
-“Let me help you…”

-He’s annoyed, yet turned on
-“I didn’t allow this, now I’m gonna have to punish you.”

- Disappointed really, he only wanted you to hold out for a week.
-“Really jagiya? You couldn’t have waited just a little while longer?”

- He’s immediately turned on, and excited to help you along.
-“Ah Jagi, you look so good.  So desperate. I bet you wish your fingers were mine don’t you?”

-“Turn off the video, and remove your fingers.  I told you to wait until i got home, but I realize you haven’t learned your lesson from last time.”

-He’s a little angry
-“You can finish, I’m not helping you.”
- Teases you for a week, but doesn’t allow you to cum at anytime.

-“Ah, so this is what you’ve been up to while i was away?  Hm..”
-Joins you- both of you getting off together but not touching each other.

Shit that might happen if BTS attends the BBMAs

- Jin steps out of the car like a king and “the car door guy” becomes viral again but this time it’s literally everywhere

- Everyone on Twitter is sayin “who the fck is this” but then they see V wearing Gucci from head to toe giving no fucks. 

- BTS pulls off the worst thing they can do in America, which is pose randomly during the red carpet n the paparazzi r like ”???“ 

- There’s a red carpet interview and J-Hope pulls off some random ass shit, making this their last visit to the country 

- The ceremony starts, Jungkook realizes he’s super close to Justin Bieber sunbaenim and freaks out n the camera caught it live.

- Y'know when Tae or the other members are like dancing to the songs n having funny reactions during awards shows in Korea?? They do that there and everyone finds it amusing cause no one does that in America 

[fast forward to their award presentation or what ever u call it]

 - They call the on the nominees and Jungkook screams wildly once they say Justin Bieber sunbaenim

- The presenter then says BTS won, all of them r shook. 

- The nominees of the category are pissed that they were beaten by a group who doesn’t even promote in America. 

- Stan twt gets pissed n jealous then starts calling BTS trash but no one cares 

- Yoongi does something he regrets after 5 secs which is shouting "ARMYYYYY” to the mic just like the @ the GDA 

- The other celebs stare at them in disgust

- Namjoon gives a heartwarming speech n out of no where Jungkook starts crying and says its bcs he’s happy but in reality he rlly wanted Justin to win 


 - The presenter says Justin Bieber won, making Jungkook stand up with a Justin Bieber banner and scream like the fanboy he is 

- The rest of the members give no fucks cause J-Hope n Rap Mon are talking to Beyoncé and Rihanna, V’s getting compliments for his fashion and Jimin is taking secret pics of Suga while he’s asleep 


- They have a surprise performance which is BST and all is amazed and losing their shit by both the song n choreo

- The cameras get the reactions of celebs and they’re all shookt

- During the chorus, Jimin “accidentally” revealed his abs and all the male idols watching are reevaluating their lives 

- Turns out it’s a mashup n they start performing Dope and the cameras get the reactions of the celebs again n the celebs look like they regret starting their music career

- Everyone screams once they do the hip thrusts 

- During one of Jungkook’s lines, he replaces it with “Justin Bieber sunbaenim WHATS GOOD?!" 

- Y'all thought that was it? NOPE! Turns out it’s also a mashup with Not Today (or Fire or maybe even Spring Day idk all their songs r on point) and at this point everyone is deceased 

- The performance ends and everyone gives them a standing ovation n they’re also crying


 After the ceremony, all the celebrities that attended start following BTS on Twitter n some even tweeted to them then they got so popular that they reached 7m followers on Twitter then the Spring Day and Not Today MV reached 100m views, Kanye West n The Chainsmokers are best buds with Rap Mon, Justin collabs with Jungkook and BTS guest stars on Ellen.


ARMYs I need you to do me a favour. I’ve only known these boys for a few hours but I’d die to protect them. Please go and spam twitter with nice comments supporting these boys. They are attending the BBMAs and just like with BTS, I want them to have fun and enjoy themselves!


Thank you, BTS, for an amazing tour! 
Love from all around the world ♡

I hope we become each other’s wings and fly higher. Like the meaning of ‘wings’, you can’t fly with one side of the wings. We exist because of you guys. And we’re able to hold these concerts because of you guys. I want to thank you for being BTS’ other side of the wing.

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jin just wants yoongi to get more sun - inspired by this post

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