Take It Like A Puppy (M)

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Summary: You and Hoseok have been best friends since you were young. Your friendship with him, was struck as odd since you were a cat hybrid, while he was a dog hybrid. But that didn’t matter, that is until you both start attending university. What happens when one of you unexpectedly goes into heat?

Pairing: Jhope x Reader

Genre: Smut (M), hybrid!au, Cat hybrid reader, Dog hybrid Jhope

Word Count : 5.5k

A/N: This story contains graphic descriptions of sex, cum play, bondage, oral, etc. Heavy dom/sub undertones. Lmao this is just a sinful read. I’m a sucker for hybrid aus, so i had to make one ;) Anywho, this is a mature read! You have been warned!

You’ve known Hoseok since you were nine years old. At the time, you were just a quiet little kitten, who didn’t have many friends. Hoseok, was an annoying hyperactive puppy, who everybody adored in your class. He didn’t really bother you that much, until you became desk partners. That’s when he thought it was okay to pop your ‘personal space bubble’ and sniff you, every second he got.

“Why do you keep trying to smell me!” the nine-year-old you shouted. This was the third time you caught him in the act, ever since you became seat mates a week ago.

“I’m part canine! That’s what we always do!” Hoseok explained, with a smile on his face. He didn’t really know you that much, only that you were always super quiet. But he wanted to change that, he wanted a feline as a friend for once.

“Well can you stop? Its kinda weird,” you replied uncomfortably.

Including you, there were only two other cat hybrids in your class, the rest were a split between bunny, dog, and fox hybrids. Thus, you were extremely uncomfortable with this puppy trying to get up all in your space. Besides, you were quite afraid of dog hybrids since they could become aggressive easily.

“No, you’re weird,” the puppy joked.

You finally turn to glare at him, then let a hiss seethe through your teeth.

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Now, who is Hoseok for me?

Hoseok is my so called ‘THE bias’ of BTS (since all of them are my biases… oops).

Hoseok is my inspiration.

Hoseok is my sunshine.

And somehow he is sometimes gets hated and under appreciated.

Why is that, however?

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Heartbeat | 1

“You’ve always stayed far away from the Kingsnakes, the coldblooded gang that runs the dark heart of your city. That is until your life collides with the intriguing and dangerous Jung Hoseok.”

  • pairing: hoseok x reader
  • genre: gang!au, smut
  • wordcount: 8k

part one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

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BTS reaction to their s/o saying no to sex because they are big 🤔


“What are you talking about?”

“Let me think of some other time you complained about my size… Oh yeah there’s none”

~He imitates you.~

“Babe you’re too big… bla bla”

“So stop playing games and come suck me.”


~ He gets worried about it. ~

“Oh really?…”

“We can go slow, it won’t hurt.”

“Trust me.“


~ Gets confused. ~

“I know I’m big, but you don’t need to say no because of that. You know I always make you feel good.”

~ Starts thinking if he ever hurt you without noticing. ~

~ Keeps thinking that he should be more careful with you.”


~ Cocky about it. ~

“I know you’re just kidding about saying no. You can’t get enough of my body.”


“Ahh but you never said anything about it before”

“Are you sure that’s why you’re saying no? You know you can tell me anything”


~ You tell him you’re still sore from last night. ~

“You’re the one that wanted it rough.”

“But if felt good right?”

“We don’t need to have sex today… but next time don’t ask for it rough”


~ Feels bad about it and apologises. ~

“You know I’m a big guy. There’s nothing I can do about it.”

“Being big isn’t a bad thing… ”

“But if you don’t wanna have sex it’s ok, I love spending time with you either way.”

by: TopBtsSmut

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FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF with the lightest most PG mention of sex

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hoseok 180124


↳ our army!!!!!!!!!!!!

i’m your hope, j-hope.

it’s the beginning of the year and you guys are probably scheduling things as well as maturing your minds to start a bold new year, right?

as a matter of fact, as i welcomed the new year in 2018, i’m writing this to share some things with you guys that i have thought about.

because of the precious presents armys have sent, i was able to shine. During promotions, it gave me strength, and i was able to do the role of giving lots of strength back.

however, the presents filled with your love seemed too over-the-top to accept.

i was very happy to receive these gifts filled with sincerity and love. however, thinking about it in a different way, that sincerity and love can be shared with others too. i thought that it would be nice to share this happiness with others, and not just have this happiness for myself

my heart is bigger to move towards a better direction, to change to a more heart-warming method.

our army,

i believe that you guys will understand and have the same thoughts as i do. every time i look at the presents you sent us, i think that it’s our time to give you guys gifts and keep you warm.

army’s happiness and existence is already such a big gift to us, bts.

i always thank you.

in 2018, i’ll be bts’ j-hope who will repay these gifts with lots of love

i love you !

cr. peachboy_0613