[IG] 161101 realllllmino (Mino) with his cat Jhonny: “Lying on her back😽”

[Trans on Mino speaking to Jhonny in the video]:
“Oh~ you want me to rub you~”
“Aaww my little babyyy”
“Aww is that so…~~~?”


[11.07.2016] // 1 month old of the twins!

My chubby babies are doing one month, how to deal?
It seems like yesterday that I took them in my arms for the first time and hugged them, that hug that I will never forget, and never will have another like it. It seems like yesterday that I filled it with kisses or nursed them for the first time, and today it is something normal and routine. I have no words to describe how happy I am to have them here with me, how happy I am to be able to embrace them and be able to give a kiss on their foreheads when they sleep, these little things that already occupy a large space in my heart ❤
My babies, I’m very happy to have you here with me, and you are completing the first month of life of you! Love you so much, like his brothers also love you too, and Dad also ❤
PS : The post talking about how was their 1st month will be up tomorrow guys! <3

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[11.02.2016] // Our halloween!

Hi guys! How’re you? I hope that you’re fine!
Sorry for the belated post, but just now I had a good time to do it! The twins are sleeping now, and the kids went for the park with Jhonny for a playdate with their cousins!
Our halloween was AMAZING! We decided to do a little party for some close friends, and we stayed so happy with their presence and their kids presence too!
We decided for only invite Rain, Mia and Del, because it was going to be just a little party, we wasn’t planning in a very big thing. It was so simple.
We decided to do a cute and simple decoration for the party, my mother came here in day 30 and helped me to do the cookies and the cakes, also, I need to say a huge thank you for she and for Jhonny, because without their cook dotes, I would need to bought everything from the bakery loool
The kids helped us a lot too! They loved to help us with the decoration, and the twins helped sleeping in the most of the time while we was decorating it lol
The party was in the day 31, the kids was excited to meet their friends and I was too! I can’t wait to see my friends and show Jasminne and Chris for them!
Tbh, I was a bit apreensive with the reaction of the twins, but really, they was so calm! They didn’t stayed afraid of cried, they just loved them! But they passed the most of the party in their stroller, because they’re so lazy haha!

The kids had so much fun with their friends! I stayed very happy seeing them playing around! They was absolutely adorable together!

One thing that I loved was our fantasies! Really, I passed lot of time looking around for find the best, and I stayed in love with them! Also, the kids helped us to choose Minne and Chris’ fantasies, and I loved it. Was very good to see that them are very excited with their little sis and their little bro!

I loved to saw Alice and Louise again, but I can’t deal that they’re growing so fast! Today, they’re doing 10 months today! I’m feeling so old guys ;-;
I’m so glad to have these lil cats in my life <3

Also, we went with the kids for trick or treat arround the neighborhood! It was so cute, and they won so much candies! After it, we went to home and they past the rest of the party eating the candies and playing around!

Thank you so much @mimi-bennett @angelas-diary-blog @simmier93 @mamaandfourlittlecubs for join us! It wouldn’t be the same without you!
We loved so much your presences, and I can’t wait for another meet like this!

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