[a good friend of mine, JohnDeux, is being a lazy ass and won’t bother to reopen his tumblr account, so enjoy a review, written by him and his laziness. fucking lazy dick. laaaazy.]

WOOOWWIE I didn’t know he made aNOTher EPisoooode?!! NEATO!1

There’s something about Jhonen’s work that seems to engender the sort of fan work that makes me want to spit up that ugliest of bile that tends to gather waaay at the back of your gallbladder, waiting for just such Very Special Occasions. Since I tend to like to save that for better events than looking at ugly talentless art on the internet, I usually avoid any Invader Zim fan work and only look at a little JTHM fanart, if I’m feeling strong and bold that month. (Hot Tip: Don’t go on deviantart, even if you ARE feeling bold. The color hasn’t returned to my face and it’s been months.)

All that said, I really, really enjoyed this one, which is weird, because it’s nothing if it’s not ugly. But it isn’t ugly for the usual reason, which is generally trying and failing to emulate Jhonen’s work (which is also ugly but I differentiate from the fan work it spawns by classifying it into the “so ugly, it’s beautiful” list, along with specimens like Mick Jagger and the grimy industrial nature of North Korea.)

This particular smudge of pigeon shit looks like it’s actually mocking and satirizing JhonenVee’s work, and if I may be so bold to say, SUCCESSFULLY, which is a trick, because as far as I understand it, pretty much all of his work is satire already. If you follow his postings online, which I do because it’s rare to come across genuine comic genius, you’ll find even he satirizes his own work and his fans, creating a meta one-two punch that flies over most people’s heads, somehow.

I AM rambling at this point, so to wrap it up, let me say that this probably will bring up a little bile, but only because it’s so horrible in the best possible way, and losing a little bit of puke because you’re laughing too hard to contain it is always worth it- at least to me. Enjoi!