You are MINE as I am YOURS 

“I thought it was a dream. I don’t usually dream often. What kind of dream lasts this long?” - JH

It’s not a dream, though, it does seem that Christmas might have come 11 months earlier this year! I’ve pinched myself sadistically several times already and the same thing still keeps appearing on my computer screen. However, just in case this was all a dream after all, PLEASE, someone tell me which drugs induced it and where I can get them? Have they perhaps become available on Yesasia? This scene, those first 10 minutes of episode 15, is the reason for the existence of my proverbial smelling salts - the arrival of a kdrama male lead who knows how to make the most of the full potential of that expensive, enormous king size bed of his and use it for the purpose it was originally designed! I think the upcoming dramas can just stop trying because the 2015 winner of the most romantic, swoonworthy moment has already been decided! I didn’t expect this explicitness from SJN since the bed scenes in her works are usually of the vague and chaste kind. I imagine what happened off-screen must have been of the HBO/Starz quality - I mean, all that pent-up desire, that huge bed, no neighbors in the vicinity to worry about, the cold bringing the need for body heat…hmm,suddenly an abandoned factory doesn’t sound as such a bad place to live… 

I don’t know who decided to cast JCW opposite PMY but that person deserves a medal because she/her is a genius. Together they share a rare kind of chemistry which electrifies the very air between them and fills it with sparkles; THEY MAKE THE LOVESTORY FEEL REAL and that’s an art on it’s own not every pairing is capable of! From the very first second the camera focuses on YS and JH lying on the bed, you BELIEVE that they are LOVERS IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD, you BELIEVE they’ve spend the whole night making love to each other, whispering endearments and silent promises, holding each other in the darkness of the night; with their touches wordlessly conveying all the emotions and answering all questions they are not ready to voice just yet…

The sight of YS’s and JH’s clothing haphazardly discarded on the floor while they’re both lying in each other’s arms, their bodies interwined in the afterglow of their lovemaking and basking in the celestial light, reminds me of a painting masterpiece - a stolen moment between two lovers, spellbinding and magical in its intimacy, as if the time momentarily stopped for them (and lying among those white fluffy covers and pillows they appear as if they were flying on their personal cloud nine). How does a man react when he wakes up to the image of his beloved holding onto his injured hand while her gentle touch’s proving to be more healing than the bandage? He holds her wrist with his own hand to make sure she does NOT let go! SWOON! The expression on JH’s face speaks volumes - it’s a mix of bewilderment, disbelief and wonder - he’s awestruck by the fact that THIS ALL IS REALLY HAPPENING. Every woman should have a JH of her own - someone to watch her with such reverence, a man who would look at her as if she was the greatest mystery he needs to solve, as if she was the most fascinating and the most precious thing in the world to him. He keeps watching her intently so he wouldn’t miss any intake of her breath, any flutter of her eyelashes,… - literally devouring the woman he has loved so thoroughly, while not even daring to blink as if he feared she was merely an illusion, which could disappear in the morning light. 

JH’s been starved for love for so long, both physical and emotional, that now, when he finally has someone to hold, he can’t get enough of this newfound closeness. That’s why he turns into such sad, disappointed puppy after YS turns away from him -  not even a second goes by and he already feels deprived of her touch. Every gesture speaks of his need and yearning for physical intimacy and it must be soul-stirring for him to realize that YS feels the same - she only needs a slight nudge from him to roll back into his arms, instinctively following his lead. OMG! The sheer intimacy with which he touches her body (showing a knowledge of it only a lover would know), while positioning her in the crook of his neck and pulling her arm around his torso, so their bodies would touch as much as humanly possible; because touching and holding her proves to him that this is all real! Each touch, even the most simple one, an exploration and a caress on their own - possessive, protective and loving. And when he falls back to sleep with her being securely tugged in his arms and enfolded in his embraces, you know, he wants to bring her with him to the dreamland as well, too loathe to be parted from her even in his dreams. After YS wakes up, the first thing she does is to reach out for him and in that moment JH lets her see the deepest recesses of his heart - a heartwrenchingly open and vulnerable look full of longing, awe, love and fear while awaiting her reaction. 

And then she smiles at him and they both disappear under the sheets and there is a lot of movement and what happens under it is edited out because it can’t be suitable for audience under 15, plus no sane censor in South Korea would leave it in anyway. But everyone out there knows what this means - ENCORE!