Your Words, My Story! Every Wednesday I give you my favorite word that starts with the letter we post and ask you to give us your favorite word starting with that letter. And then today, I take all of your favorite words and write a short story with them! Letters make words, words make sentences and sentences make stories!

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One of my favorite words beginning with an “D” is:

Dollop [dol-uhp] noun 
1. a lump or blob of some substance: dollops of mud.
2. a small quantity: Add a dollop of soda water to the mixture. 
verb (used with object)
3. to dispense in dollops: to dollop whipped cream over the cake.

What is you favorite word beginning with a D?

E-readers: Part 1 - Dedicated Devices like Kindles and nooks

In this first look into reading ebooks and other electronically published material, we will look at e-readers that are dedicated devices, used primarily for reading.

Consumer Reports, a trusted source of non-biased review and rating provided this very good and short video primer on e-readers. This is a good place to begin:  Consumer Reports’ E-reader Primer

CNet has been a reliable source for rankings and reviews of consumer electronics for decades. This link is to a list of many of e-reader devices available:  CNet’s List of Available E-readers

My opinion and recommendation - for anyone interested - from the choices of dedicated e-reader devices available come in two pieces. 

If you want an e-reader solely for reading ebooks, sort of an electronic replacement for paperbacks, the devices that use e-ink technology are superior due to their forever-long battery life from each charge. And as these devices are best for casual and convenient reading - like the grand old paperback - smaller is probably better. From the choices available I like the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite ($119) for its access to such a gigantic library at Amazon.com, it’s good price and its glow-light that lets you read in dark environs but not put off so much as to be off-putting to a sleeping partner, etc. On the least expensive end, the nook Simple Touch ($79) from Barnes & Noble is a good value and has decent specifications. You will not get a glow-light in this inexpensive model, but you can always use your trusty book-light you’ve probably been using for your paperbacks for years now as the e-ink technology looks exactly like ink on paper meaning minimal glare from the book-light clipped on to the edge.

There are cheaper alternatives available all over. I have seen them for sale in Walgreens, Walmart and everywhere it seems on the internet. Be wary of the extremely inexpensive devices as their build quality, batteries, and access to wider varieties of types of e-published materials can be very inferior to those in the $50 to $80 range from the more trusted electronics manufacturers.

My bottom line advice for all of the frugal folk like myself out there who cannot really see investing even $80 to get started in the ebook revolution but want to at least get on the bus, is check craigslist, eBay and your friends and kin, all of where there are many people with older devices that they have since replaced. Understand going down this route that what you are starting with is nowhere near the current tech so do not become discouraged with e-readers and e-reading based on your experience with your “first car”. Ebooks are the future. I do not believe they will ever completely replace printed materials (I pray they do not as I dearly LOVE so much about “real” books). But authors and publishers have seen the profit of pushing e-published material and so the industry will move more and more rapidly in that direction. Additionally, readers have seen the convenience and so they/we are likely to continue to embrace the technology. Now is a great time to join in!