I AM SO SO SO GLAD THIS IS DONE. Actually, at the time of writing this, I’m not done. But whatevs I know how I’ll FEEL

(UPDATE: its done and the last statement is still true)

Anyways, just a few things–

I have watched and worked on this so much that I, myself, literally cannot listen to the song anymore. I lost inspiration for it QUITE a few times throughout its creation- Whether from lack of motivation, or feeling like it would never be good enough, or other stuff- But I finally finished it, and even if I don’t think it’s my BEST work, I’m still proud of how it turned out and hope others can enjoy it too!!

I have never used a video editing program this extensively before this project, so it was a bit of an uphill climb when it came to LEARNING how to use it, with pretty much no help, just trial and error- It’s… Pretty obvious where I improve, I think >>“ I also did all art, backgrounds, and storyboarding myself, with no help other than some advice from friends. It was… Tough, but I’m stubborn, so q-q

I think it’s also a pretty Neato demonstration of how  much my art improved, tbh- There’s a very… CLEAR jump from the beginning to the end of the vid- Apart from that one flickery frame near the beginning with the kids. I drew that one like, a few days ago.

If anyone wants a particular frame from the video rebloggable as an ACTUAL IMAGE, please shoot me an ask with the time it appears and I’ll try to fix it up for you!! I’ll go ahead and do this with a couple of other scenes I personally like, but to make sure yours is included, best to let me know!

I wanna say a little smth under the cut specifically to CQ so yep cut ahead

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Log Cabins [Spencer Reid Imagine]

Hey! I was wondering If you could please do one where Reid and his pregnant wife somehow get stuck in an isolated cabin (maybe on a case or something) and she goes into labor, thus Reid has to deliver the baby? And maybe at the end the team saves/finds them and they meet the baby? Thanks! 

Warnings: bIRTH! Victimology, criminology.

Author’s Note: If Spencer doesn’t have kids by the time Criminal Minds ends, I will petition for another season (also because I never want it to end)

Request things!!! Masterlist

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#3- Work uniform
[ littlechinesedoll ]

“I’m going to have to give you a ticket…”

“You can lock me up anytime you want, Officer.”

“That won’t be necessary, ma'am. May I see your license?”

“Are you sure it’s only my license you want to see?”

I can picture that everyone and I mean EVERY.ONE. hits on Officer Grayson. I dunno if I should be sad or amused by it. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

AND… If you prompt me Dick with NUMBER 3, YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO TELL ME TO DRAW HIS BPD UNIFORM. asdfghjlj;k;jhg

Because I’ve been telling myself… “OH GOD PLEASE SOMEONE PROMPT #3 WITH DICK PLEASE?!?”

Thank you for reading my mind. ( ˘ ³˘)❤

Here’s the tag for “Draw your character wearing this meme” in case you guys want to give it a go and check out the other prompts!

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How tf did you even get 23k ?? Thats just wOW IM SO IMPRESSED ?? Thats the highest follower count ive seen lmao... How long have you had your tumblr for?? Btw your art is absolutely gorgeous no wonder so many people follow you! 💕✨

that’s what i’d like to know because i have NO IDEA it’s at 25k now and i just ??jhg thank you so much 💗

it almost makes me feel a bit cool

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(almost. in reality my hands get sweaty whenever i imagine that you all decided to click that button)

Eliott- @jeremyhgray


Boring. Bored. There wasn’t exactly much to do as an alien on the run, considering it was best to stay as hidden as possible. Emma had come to the next planet she was hiding on, Earth, as her male form. It wasn’t a bad thing, but it wasn’t her first choice of form. Too late now.

Eliott sighed as he laid sprawled on his couch, flicking his pocket watch open and shut, open and shut. Bor.ing. Bored.

The first thing he sensed was the truck door closing. Then his watch emitting an odd warmth. Another creature that wasn’t human? Intrigued, Eliott sprang up from his position and hurried to the window, opening the curtain.

A grin crossed his face. Neighbors! A person! Someone new!

Hopefully this would cure his boredom.


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trim sorry!))
Emma sneered a little as she sat across from the other being, coming off as rather cold– she was always used to not having to listen to others so why should she start now, with him of all people. “You have. No power. Over me. I can do as I wish and do not need to listen to you…” She looked away, arms and legs crossed.