While I was practicing my floral arranging skills this weekend some of my sweet stems broke. Instead of throwing the buds away I decided to take what was broken and make something beautiful out of it. Happy Sunday friends!!! ❤️ #jhflowerproject

This weekend I decided to put a few arrangements together for me and some close friends. As I work away I realize that for the first time in a while I am okay in the in-between, the place of process and not a finished product. I like to arrange the way you’d see blooms growing in nature. The flowers are teaching me to be patient and gentle with myself. Here I am, welcoming some of the untamed wild into my life. #jhflowerproject

This week I won’t be making up a floral arrangement for my little flower project. Instead I’ll be sprouting seeds for my garden this spring. It’s very exciting to have a home and space that’s mine to grow beautiful blooms; it’s also a little intimidating. I’ll need all the help I can get for this one. 🌿#jhflowerproject

The #jhflowerproject is on hold this week except for this coy shot of my sister holding dried lavender. This was taken during our failed attempt to make lavender, earl grey chocolate moose. We will prevail next time -recipe has been altered :) Stay tuned for some lush arrangements after this weeks Valentine’s Day compilations!