I’ve stopped asking people to stay, for I realize that if happiness means letting them go, then it should be. It doesn’t surprise me anymore if the person I met today, been with me in years, will be gone for good in just minutes. Yes it sad, but I don’t blame them or myself though there were times that I did, maybe I ask too many questions. I’m glad that they’ve become a part of my life and hope that I’ve given my contribution to their’s. It’s nice to have memories of people whom you once shared happiness with, without it the concept of missing someone won’t be there and also, because of them we are a better version of what we are today.

Sa ilalim ng buwan,
naglaro tayo ng taguan
sa dati nating tagpuan.
Bumilang ako ng sampu,
at ika'y nagtago
ngunit sa pagtapos ng bilang
ako'y mag-isa na lamang.
Sampung taon na ang lumipas
paghahanap sayo'y tuloy parin
pagkat puso'y walang kupas
ikaw ang hinahanap at nais mahalin.
—  8/20/2017 // taguan

dear d,

I just checked the list of people who will be on my summer job with me. you were one of them.

I’m exhausted. and hurt.

it’s as if faith likes to play its games with me and I’m always the one loosing.

I was letting you go. How am I supposed to continue doing that when we’ll be working side by side for weeks?

I’m just hoping you chose a different week than mine.

if you did not, let’s pray I’ll make it out alive.

-overly emotional girl

Everyone is blinded by happiness they try to seek, not knowing what they really need is just behind them. You chase for the one you love, but that person also chases someone else. Some keeps holding on and wait, while the ones they’ve holding on to already left and let go a long time ago.
—  8/20/2017 // jin