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       'After posting my “indian actresses with bindi” post, I realized that there was no color in it, it was all white washed actresses. So I decided to make this photo set and let me tell you, these were so hard to find. And half of the actresses you see in this set like Amala Paul and Priya Anand are now pretty white if you search their recent pictures. Even Freida appears pretty white in her new Loreal paris ad. I guess we all already know how much Indian cinema white washes its actors to appear lighter than they are but my eyes rolled to the back when I searched natural dark actresses like Sonam Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra and there was literally little to no pictures of them appearing dark in public, they even seem to be white when they step out into paparazzi. I know most of my followers on here are naturally dark skinned so I just want to say to you guys, it’s ok to be dark skinned, you are as greatly talented as the people in this photo set. You do not need to take the emotional trauma from your relatives or people around you who say your skin tone is not great because it is. We just live in a society that likes to point out the obvious flaws in people and you do not have to conform to their stupid standards.‘