Three Letters, no Success - Part 09

The new car, the JH25, made its first appearance at Monaco, with the team opting to skip San Marino round do develop better the machine. Howeve, neither of AGS would leave pre-qualifying.

The struggles continued until the French GP where both teams past through Friday morning, and while Tarquini didn’t earned a grid spot, Dalmas did and finished the race in 17th, first time they saw chequered flag since United States GP one year before.

Tarquini started the following race in England, however, the engine would end his performance after 47 laps. AGS quickly showed a small evolution, with race starts becoming feasbile. Only at Jerez both cars went to the grid, but where Tarquini didn’t finished, Dalmas picked a 9th place, their best performance in the second half of 1990 season.

Despite no points, AGS turned around their fortunes for a while with the new car and were keen to keep it, but imminent financial woes unfortunately would bring the team to their final laps…