When you wake up to Jhope’s kisses

Warning: You’ll fall for Jhope by reading this ;3

JH: *pokes your cheek* Y/N~~

Y/N: *still half asleep* Nhnhnghnhnnnn

JH: *smiles* Wakey wakey sunshine

Y/N: *opens one eye* let me sleeeep for a wee bit moreee

JH: *grabs and pulls you on top of him*

Y/N: *startled* Jhopeeee why don’t you let me sleep?? *pouts*

JH: *gently grabs your face* Did you know that I love you?

Y/N: *blushes* yes I love you too, hobi

JH: *chuckles* I love it when you call me that

Y/N: *smiles* do you really?

JH: Yes, now here’s a present 

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  • RM : obviously he will be the leader of the talk *the one who started the talk*
  • SG : talks about dirty things too with red blushing face
  • JH : make dirty jokes and even humourously reneact dirty things theyre talking about, making the members laugh
  • J : loud laughs continously
  • JM : mysterious laughs and smiles (cant decide if he's enjoying it or just being himslef bcos we know he laughs at everything)
  • TH : *blank face* doesnt understand what his hyungs are talking about
  • JK : *shivering in the corner like a smol frightened bunny* covers his ears and distracting himself by continuing murmuring things to himself

[Fancam] 150205 (NEW YORK UTC-5) Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook arrived at JFK Airport, New York 
(cr. weibo@阿祯在纽约)

//translated by me, please repost with proper credit
JK came out first, he was nice like always, he asked everyone’s name when signing autograph for them. He stayed for a long time, no clue where was Gap-Jin (JK’s Manager), and he was less limping than before, so everyone please don’t worry. When he was asked if he took the flight with Ji Hyo together, he was being shy for a while and said yes shyly. He seemed know nothing about SBS claimed they would invite YEH, he just smiled with blushed face.

JH Unnie left quickly with the help of her managers, but still, she tried to satisfy 
fans’ requests. I gave her the picture (the sketch above), and she offered to take a selfie with me. After that I noticed their schedule were tight so I didn’t ask for her signature. But before she took off, she saw me stood far away holding her name tag, then she took it from the crowd and signed on it.

some fan accounts

-Q: be honest, you know ur handsome right?

June: I’m not normal looking, I want to look really provocative

-Jinhwan was taking a selca and Junhoe was like “hyung you didn’t come out well lol” and JH’s face was like “oh…Oh well”

-Hanbin asked, “are you guys coming to the concert?” more than 5 times

-while the members were picking people for the hug hanbin made a finger heart and waggled it at bobby

trans by ikonOT7 | via B_I_min

-Jinhwan picked Bobby as his closest member in ikon but revealed that they fought a lot in the very beginning
Mc said guys get close when they fight and Hanbin said Jinhwan will lose if they do

via binnnEE

-also a fan apparently kissed Yunhyeong via  northenlight6