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On Vocal unit Dazed Interview

HJS: I like to be alone. I like to go to cafe alone.

YJH: I hate being alone. I always take someone with me if I want to go out for a walk.

Few weeks ago: 

Jisoo end up accompanied Jeonghan to cafe……….

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Hi, I'm a fan of your gifs that capture such funny moments and not only and I wanted to share something funny regarding your gifs from 'She is' case when Jh teases Key about wearing 'pajamas', well the same shirt was on Jh at SMT Tokyo Dome 13 Aug, the family stage where Jh stood between OnTae. I found that so endearing.

aww thank you so much lovely <3333 yes a friend of mine actually pointed that out too xD he shamelessly made fun of key’s clothes just to end up wearing them lol 

This is James ticket citation.. so obviously this must have been intercepted from he who shall not be named (JLR) when he received James mail…but according to this, since it is a “Final Notice” Holmes had NOT paid this ticket prior to receiving this notice.  If he had paid it it would have just said “First Notice” or something along those lines, Final Notice is the last notice they send for demanding payment prior to issuing a warrant (only for serious offences, not a traffic ticket) or upping the ticket cost… This doesn't mean James was purposely not paying it, he just could have been lazy.. I hope the prosecution doesn’t get their hands on this and try and use it as a far fetched proof of premeditation.  Also, what doesn’t make sense and is bothersome to me is the fact that it says the plates are Colorado, and the plates on the car in the movie theater lot are Tennessee ! It’s the same car I’m sure, a white Hyundai, but CO plates according to this ticket, and Tennessee plates according to footage and pictures of his car from the crime scene!  


Filed on July 23rd, 2012, this is James Holmes application for a Pre Trial Release.  (It is safe to say this is the first time a judge looked at his paperwork and determined that he INDEED would NOT be released and would be held without bail.) This is done to determine Bail, if any, and if you are eligible to even be released back into the public and remain out of custody until you trial date.  This is determined by a point system that determines ultimately if you are a Flight Risk.  In other words– if they release you on bail or without bail how likely are you to skip the country and skip bail and become a fugitive.  James received a ZERO in every section of this *Due To The Nature of the Crime*, so although a student, or someone with family in the area normally might get a few points in that section, no matter how good of a citizen Holmes might have been prior to this, and even if he had relatives in his household that would be able to monitor him, he STILL is not going to be released prior to his trial due to the nature of the crime he has committed– murder.  At the end where it says Holmes was unable to provide a verified, it means just that, James may have answered these things, but there was no one available (a family member, neighbor  etc) to confirm his living situation, education, employment etc. The information here would have to of been given straight from James Holmes.  

(Might I note it said he has only been unemployed for 1 month. )

So James arraignment will be Friday.  They will readjust his bail (highly unlikely they will even bother giving him any, he will most likely be denied bail, if not, it will be in the millions of dollars amount), they will give him a chance to fire his public defenders, hire a private attorney, or keep his public defenders, or defend himself.  James will have to enter his plea.  They will make James identify himself, and the judge will most likely read all of the charges and the highest possible punishment that these charges carry.  The judge will then most likely set the next date, probably will not be the actual trial, because jury selection has to be done first.  

"Mental Health" treatment in Jails..Facts.

I’m just going to bullet here some things that I have experienced from real life unfortunate circumstances of being incarcerated and how they deal with an inmate who needs mental health/medication.  

-They ask YOU about your health history, medications, if you are pregnant, your doses of meds, doctors names etc.

-They then inform you that none of that really matters..because they aren’t going to get you medication anyway.  It could take weeks & I did not stick around that long..and weeks (hell, a day) is long enough for most maintenance medications to wear off and cause extreme withdrawals, side effects or remit you back to how you were before your medication.  

-If you are on ANY type of Schedule 2 narcotics and your Jail/Prison does not have a safe or fit certain requirements to carry those medications, you WILL NOT under ANY circumstances receive them..Even IF you have a legitimate doctor and legitimate prescription and a LEGITIMATE need for them.  IE: Opiate/Suboxone/Methadone/Benzo users will suffer withdrawals, potential seizures & be given nothing more then a Benadryl or Colonodine to help with it.  

-If the above is the case, or if you are detoxing from Illegal Drugs (heroin, opium etc.) you will be put in the Intake/Detox/Medical housing and be checked on more then other inmates, and not be placed with the General Population, but you will by NO MEANS be constantly monitored like they tell you you will be.  A nurse will only be in to check on you early in the morning or later in the day when the shifts start, and even if you need water or orange juice or something to help raise your vitals, you will not be given it.  You’ll be told “You should have woken up for breakfast”.  

-They will ask you if you are depressed or suicidal, and even if you say yes they will scribble it down on the piece of paper their writing on and do nothing about it.

-If you ACT OUT on being suicidal you will be given a smock to wear, which has no drawstrings or long sleeves, and flip flops without socks, and a pillow without pillow case and a blanket that isn’t long enough to even wrap around your entire torso.  

-Your light WILL REMAIN ON AT ALL TIMES, EVEN DURING MANDATORY BED LOCK TIME.  Sleeping with a light on for a week straight will allow you to sleep through the brightest of sunsets once you’re out.

-You will see a “Psychiatrist” when the “Psychiatrist” is next on schedule.  That could be a day, it could be a week if he is on vacation.  The “Phyciatrist” will belittle you and only tell you “Well maybe you should have thought about that before you got locked up”.

All in all, they will go through the motions of helping you, but there is no actual health care in Jail.  I’m sorry to break this to everyone, but if this is how a non maximum security jail treated a GIRL with a mental illness in recovery who was locked up for CONTEMPT OF COURT, I cry thinking about how they would treat an alleged murderer.  

Truth Serum? Whats this all about...?

Ok so where is this stating that they INDEED will do a narcoanalytic interview on James and/or use “truth serum.”  In the motions I saw the state responded by saying that these things have never been done in the history of Colorado Law and that would be HIGHLY unlikely for them to even do to James, and if by the far chance that they did it would not be without proper notice and not without current medical doctors regard/input.  ??? Did I miss this or is this just the media blowing something out of porportion?

James was found with hands on top of his car, next to a semi automatic handgun

Police reports from the day of the Aurora theater shooting noted suspect James Holmes “stared off into space” and “seemed out of it” as Aurora police officers took him into custody.

Officer Jason Oviatt, who discovered Holmes behind the Century 16 theater on July 20 was first to testify in the preliminary hearing Monday. Oviatt noted that Holmes understood direction and fully complied with officers.

“He was very relaxed,” Oviatt testified. “It was like there weren’t normal emotional responses.”

The officer said they found the man later identified as Holmes with hands on top of his car, next to a semi automatic handgun.

Holmes said little but seemed to understand questions and instructions he received and cooperated with officers.

Holmes acquaintance from his school years in San Diego speaks out, James was "Forgettable"

A school buddy of James Eagan Holmes - who spent years in the same classes throughout middle and high school told CBS News Correspondent Peter Van Sant that his one-time classmate was “totally standardly normal. If anything, a little bit forgettable.” Sumit Shah, who still lives in Holmes’ hometown of San Diego, described a quiet kid who excelled in school, cracked jokes with his friends and was not absorbed by violent video games whatsoever. “It’s like he was totally non-aggressive,” Shah told Van Sant. “He didn’t seem like he had any aggression or meanness in him. “The biggest thing I remember about him was — we did a high school project, it was — the end of — the year project for AP European History class — and that’s when I found out he could play the piano. He’s actually pretty good at the piano. He was just playing some old Irish stuff. But that’s — that’s really the deepest I got to know about him.”

But Shah says that, looking back, he now realizes that he hardly knew Holmes at all. He says the two never socialized outside school and he didn’t know anyone who did.

Van Sant: You never went to a movie with him?

Shah: No, I never spent any time outside of school with him, aside from working on a project.

Van Sant: And talking to your old circle of friends, people who were in class with James Holmes, nobody seemed to have a relationship with him outside of school, is that right?

Shah: Yeah, that’s right. Nobody really had a relationship with him.

Van Sant: That’s unusual, isn’t it?

Shah: Yeah — that is unusual.

Shah: Did he want to be a friend? Did he ever say to you, “Hey, let’s get together some time. Let’s go see a movie. Let’s go hang out, play some videogames?”

Shah: No, he never really opened up in that way. He never really reached out to anybody that I know of. He just— seemed like he was there to be there for what he needed to do. And I don’t know what he did after.

Van Sant: Socially a loner.

Shah: Yeah, it would seem that way.

Shah went on to say that, even though he and Holmes hung out with a “nerdy” crowd, he could not remember Holmes ever being harassed or bullied.

“He didn’t seem like he was emotionally damaged or anything. He wasn’t ever aggressive,” Shah said. “There wasn’t anything ever telling me that this would be the guy who would do something like this.”

Maybe that was James whole issue..perhaps he felt what his classmates felt, that he was just another guy, “forgettable” and painfully ordinary.  Maybe James wanted to show the world that he was different and he could be special, and that everyone would know his name and face.  He would be remembered once and for all, even if it meant doing a horrendous thing.. Why not?  Doing outstanding things wasn’t working out for him or getting him any attention.  Sometimes people go through life, achieving great things, being successful at everything the average person is supposed to be good at, ultimately just following the heard, and they aren’t recognized for their hard work.  It’s like being great at your job or getting straight A’s in school and having a 4.0 GPA, but nobody congratulates you, no one pats you on the back and shows appreciation for what you’ve done..If there is no one there to share it with, then whats the point?? That can take a toll on a person and really pull at their heart strings…and maybe, Holmes got sick and tired of it and had had enough.  He wouldn’t just be that smart kid in class anymore, he would have a name. Perhaps right now he’s thinking , “Now do you remember me?”

This is an excerpt from the Redacted hearing minutes from October 11th, 2012.  

In red I have pointed out the ultimate issue that they dealt with during this hearing, which is labeled D-17, and it is not said, but it is referring to the Colorado University Records. I know this because when you read the first red boxed section and then go down to my second red boxed section of Notes at the very bottom it is a note regarding the CU Records (Colorado University) and the label D-17.  This isn’t ground breaking, but we now know the issue Brady has that they are referring to as D-17 that she needs more time to better explain and clarify the allegations of (which she does, and is granted the hearing on October 25th, 2012), is about the Colorado University Records regarding James Holmes.  It’s also bought up to the court that those records are still being held in the courthouse.  So it is safe to say that this is what the next hearing is at least going to touch on or be about.  

New Courtroom for the May 31, 2013 hearing in the James Holmes vs The People of the State of Colorado case.
This hearing will be in reference to “the effect and consequences of entering a plea of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity.”
The hearing will start at 9:30 am in division 401 on May 31st 2013.
The June 4 and June 20 status hearings will still be held at 9am in Division 201 at the courthouse.


Behind Century 16 Theater in Aurora Colorado after the shooting on July 20th 2012 at the Dark Knight Rises Premiere.  
James Holmes Vehicle was parked in the empty lot above with the blood trial
James Holmes Vehicle, with pistol on top of roof and various other items surrounding the vehicle.
Gas mask can be seen in the last picture right behind the rear passenger side tire.