60 seconds is all i need for this story

There are few things Kyungsoo dislikes. One of them is the mess Jongin seems to always feel the need to leave behind in the bathroom after his morning shower.

Another is being away from Jongin long enough to miss it.

Kyungsoo likes a lot of things, though. One of them is that special little grin Jongin can’t help but give the older when they finally see each other after a while. He likes (refuses to use the word ‘love’ anywhere other than the recesses of his mind) the way the charisma the company’s so precisely injected into Jongin’s very bones falls away - just for him.

And he’s not paying attention enough to hear his name being called by that voice, the one that sends shivers down his spine in the most pleasant way.

Training schedules are taxing things. Kyungsoo isn’t going to deny it - he’s jealous. He gets the occasional text from Hyunsik, who plays midnight football matches with his members whenever they like, and it isn’t that he isn’t grateful - it’s just that other groups have had multiple comebacks and still get to have a life outside the stage, while Kyungsoo is kept locked up in buildings, singing until his voice is hoarse and he can’t breathe for suffocation. Until he sees Jongin at the end of the day, and it sounds stupid to say - but Kyungsoo swears the sight of him breathes life back into his soul.

The voice calls his name again, a little louder this time, and Kyungsoo’s ears prick up as he hears it.

Most days he spends with Jongdae and Baekhyun, practicing high notes, low notes, falsettos and breathing techniques. Sometimes Luhan’s with them, but he’s also the main dancer, so most days they do without him. Sometimes the three of them practice until it gets to the time when it’s not quite night and not quite morning, and end up sleeping on random couches or patches of floor until the next day dawns and Kyungsoo wakes up irritated because he’s cold - because he can’t get a good rest without Jongin’s warmth pressing into his back.

So Kyungsoo turns his head in the direction of the voice and sees it again - that special grin. His smile.

Jongin does the same too, some days. Kyungsoo waits in their dorm room for the younger to slam open the door and fall into him, only to feel his phone vibrate and read a short 'Won’t be going home tonight hyung, Sehuna and I have extra practice,’ before falling into a passable semblance of sleep and waking up to an empty room.

Kyungsoo feels his own lips stretch out into a grin as he makes his way toward the younger, days’ worth of longing prompting him to take longer strides, to quicken his step.

There have been times, back when he was a trainee, that Kyungsoo questioned if everything was worth it. He’d missed cousins’ weddings, his brother’s graduation, his mother’s cooking, all for the sake of a debut he didn’t even know if he’d ever get. Those times were the hardest, but Kyungsoo had Jongin to help him through them. He knows there will be more times like those in future - but Jongin will always, always be there for him. 

The usually short walk separating Kyungsoo from Jongin was made to seem twenty times longer because of all the people in the way. But still - still they kept their smiles on their faces, still they held their arms out to each other, still they fell into each other’s arms - and still, they caught each others’ lips up with clumsy smiles, whispering an 'I miss you,’ and a few 'I love you’s, and when Kyungsoo felt fingertips heating the skin of his stomach just above his waistband - 'Not in public, you idiot.’


There’s something to be said for SHINee. I don’t know what it is, exactly: but I know it’s made me happy these past four years. I’m not going to go so far as to say they saved my life -  but they’ve helped me through the hard times when nothing seemed right anymore, when my world was pitch black… As cheesy as it sounds, they were my shining light. When I’m angry or upset all I have to do is watch a video of them - performing or just being themselves - and I guess it’s safe to say most of my worries fade. I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you. They’ve taught me dreams are worth following and hard work is worth going through - because in the end it’s all you’ve ever wanted… and more.