Recommendations for #Politics Editors

Just sent a short email to the Tumblr staff:

With jgreendc stepping down as an editor, I would like to offer a few recommendations to not only replace him but to offer some much needed counterpoints to the current left-leaning (and, frankly, pro-state) lineup.

  • libertarians - clever and articulate, Brian is a student and columnist who has been featured on the likes of the Huffington Post
  • antigovernmentextremist - Nate keeps himself on top of current events while engaging in thoughtful discussions on his extremely popular libertarian tumblr
  • conza - Michael is an incredibly erudite Hoppean, and as an Australian he would provide a perspective that’s sorely missing now

All are smart, young, and active in online political discussions. I’d be happy to recommend more if you are interested, as there is happily no shortage of intelligent liberty-minded individuals on tumblr. But I believe these three are a solid start in adding a contrasting point-of-view to the current line-up, while further elevating the aggregate IQ of the tag’s curators.

Thanks for the consideration, and I appreciate what the tumblr staff does to promote political discourse.

As it stands, I’m the only anti-statist anarchist of any kind to have served as a #politics editor. Let’s hope that changes. The tag could use a little less state-worship and a little more Rothbard.