It’s not a waste of time. It’s not a waste of time even if the bliss is temporary or only last for so long. It’s not a waste of time if you feel like what you’re chasing after or what you’re feeling for isn’t going to be reciprocate because honestly, even if the results in heartaches, at least you tried and took the chance of leaping the faith rather than not at all. Take chances because without taking risks, who knows where you guys would lead? You guys would stay in one place or perhaps in the same zone and not go to any other level. Sometimes, it is better to remain friends than lovers, but if someone’s really worth it, they’d take the risk even though things may not be the same. That’s what most things are about in life, right? You take risks even though the result you want may not be there, we learn from them. You can either take the lessons and let it build you to become stronger or you can let it burn you down and dwell on it making you become weaker.

I just like to believe that it’s not a waste of time if someone genuinely makes you happy even if it’s just for a moment because every moment you spend being happy by someone else is a moment you’ll never get back. 

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  1. What were your favorite extracurriculars in high school? (the fun non-academic classes) i didnt have fun in hs it wasnt allowed
  2. What is something that you like about yourself?  i want to think im a bad bitch back me up guys
  3. Who are people that inspire you? (role models?) lol idk people who have good work ethic and care about things.  jayne min im secretly in love with her, peter chung, ai weiwei, do ho suh just people
  4. Are you a gamer, if so what do you play? no lol never owned games
  5. Favorite TV shows? hannibal, they made him so hot. where is season 2
  6. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or the Hunger Games? why would you do this uGH…………… … ……………………………………………………………………….. ………….   …………………………………… …. harry potter……….
  7. What’s the best pick up line you could think of? whats your gpa i mean i googled best pickup lines and they all sucked
  8. Pocket Monsters or Digital Monsters? and why   pokemon!!! i watched like one season of digimon and i just remember that they fucking DIE
  9. Dubbed or subbed anime? subbed if i cant understand it it cant make me uncomfortable
  10. Your favorite restaurant? theres this really cruddy bar in beijing its p great tho
  11. Favorite number? 6

My questions!!

1. pmt/boba/bubble teaFUCKS SAKE or coffee?

2. when was the last time you threw up?

3. how many countries have you been to vs how many do you want to go to?

4. ever cried in public?

5. what’s the most embarrassing injury you’ve ever suffered

6. invisibility or flight?

7. how long does it take you to shower?

8. do you like or dislike dolphins and why?

9. how good are you at playing monopoly

10. do you think you’re a good liar?

11. would you donate your body to science?