Power Of Pink 2014 - P!NK & FRIENDS - Just Give Me A Reason Feat Nate Ruess 10/23/14

Showing Rachel looking sad during “just give me a reason” is a deliberate but vague cop out to appease Finchel and even Faberry fans. Rachel says nothing but we are to assume she’s thinking and longing for Finn. They keep finn “relevant” without actually doing or saying anything and get to feed the crazies delusions bc they know they will interpret their way, not the right way. It’s the (lame) vague attempt to appease shippers without actually doing anything. It’s not good enough. Season 4 on, we have just had to assume how Rachel is feeling by her actions instead of actually saying anything. They get to say they are keeping finn important to Rachel when they obviously aren’t. I can’t stand the lies and manipulation. If its too hard on Lea and triggering, then do what’s best for her, but be honest with your audience and not string them along. There are so many things they can do to appease Finchel shippers without involving Lea. They can have someone find a journal rachel writes in that’s all to Finn. Will can see that Rachel is sad and have a VoiceOver saying “she must be missing finn ”. Will can ask Kurt how Rachel is doing. Or little things that require Lea but not too straining would be her sitting by his tree, or wearing her necklace or ring, or looking at his star, or writing “Finn”, or her looking at pictures in her phone. Little things that could make all the difference. I’d love a Rachel and Carole scene and a super emotional Rachel scene but I understand that’s too much and probably very triggering. It doesn’t take much to keep Finchel and Finn relevant. I just hope they mention that Rachel would not be fanny and in NYC without Finn. That’s the most important thing they have to address before the show ends.


Like it hadn’t been amazing enough to have Santana back in her life, Dani was happily surprised when one Kurt Hummel had given her a call and asked for them to get together again. She’d grown quite fond of the guy, Rachel as well, when she’d been with her ex all of those years ago and it had nagged her for years that she’d never gotten to say a proper goodbye to either of them. That seemed to have been forgotten, though, because from the minute she sat down at the table Kurt had been occupying, words were all over and their coffee were hardly paid attention to. He explained his situation with Blaine, the guy Dani was sure she’d heard about in the past but never had a face to put to it, and he seemed genuinely happy. It made her smile, seeing as Kurt had welcomed her the second Santana had brought her into the flat and she’d immediately become close with the guy. She had wanted to desperately to call him after her and Santana had broken up, but she’d figured it would only make everything worse. “So what about you and Satan? You got her to leave the apartment yet?” With an instant smile on her face, Dani nodded and ran a hand through her hair, suddenly a bit nervous without knowing why. But you do know why, and it’s because you’ve never stopped loving her and now she’s back and if you play your cards right you have might have a shot. She told Kurt all about their date the night before, and how Santana had excused herself for a moment only to return and ask if they could leave, before either of them had finished their meals. It has surprised her, but judging by the look in her ex’s eyes, she had been able to tell that something was indeed wrong.

It was probably because of Izzy,” As she’d raised her mug to her lips, Dani felt herself freeze and apparently Kurt noticed too. “She’s told you about Izzy, right? I’ve never seen her as happy or calm, around anyone in years. She’s the love of her life.” The world was spinning and somehow she managed to set her coffee mug down before spilling it all over. With some assistance from Kurt, of course. This couldn’t be happening. There couldn’t be someone else in Santana’s life, not now, not when she finally had a chance to get the woman back. “Dani?” She heard his soothing voice far away, and felt the safeness of his hand around her own but she felt paralyzed. “I-I.. No. S-she hasn’t.” Her voice was small, and her eyes almost pleading as she wanted nothing but for Kurt to take back everything he’d just told her. “W-who is she?” Dani knew the answer, the love of her life, but she couldn’t believe it. Not after what had happened. It just wasn’t possible. Kurt’s features softened as her reached out to pull both of his friend’s hands into his own, giving them a reassuring squeeze. “This is not my story to tell. You need to go see her.

What she was going to say once she arrived at Santana’s place, Dani had no idea of, but she knew this couldn’t wait. Kurt had understood why she had to leave, and they even come up with a new date for their next get together. Just breathe, Dani. The thought of someone else being in Santana’s life that way made her insides hurt, and her chest ache because she just couldn’t believe it. She was losing her again, losing her again after hardly having her back. As she came to a hold, she found herself in front of Santana’s apartment building and took a deep breath before entering. Every step she took felt heavier than the first, but all she could think about was how betrayed she felt. In a matter of seconds, she was standing in front of the door and sighed heavily before knocking rather loudly on the door. Her body had started to shake as she waited, and as soon as she heard the doorknob being turned, she opened up her mouth. “W-who is she, Santana?” Dani knew that she should have started out differently, but her chest was aching too much and she knew she’d lose her courage otherwise. “Did you seriously think that I wouldn’t find out? That you could just use me and return to her like what we had together meant nothing?!”

Just Give Me a Reason || Santhena f2f

[Athena sighed heavily as she set down the half full bottle of vodka on the kitchen island, bracing her hands against the marble top and hanging her head. She was tired, two sleepless nights were taking a toll on her, her appetite was gone and she was just… too tired, frustrated, sad to even function properly] Dear heavens, give me strength, show me the fucking way [She mumbled tiredly, snatching the bottle and taking a few gulps, wincing at the burn. She pulled a stool over, sitting down to prepare herself for when her girlfriend came home. If she came home]