“When it comes to getting my picture taken for magazines, I like to dress up. I’ve never liked the whole, Oh, I’m just being casual, so I’m not paying attention to how I look. Bullshit, of course you are — there’s a stylist there. So I prefer to dress up for magazines because it seems more honest to me. And I look my best when I dress up.” - Joseph Gordon-Levitt


HITRECORD ON TV: Season 1 Box Set (On Sale Now!) [x]

The Season 1 Box Set of HITRECORD ON TV is the official companion to the Emmy winning series. It includes:

  • 9 Collectible Books: 8 theme booked for each episode plus a bonus “Making HITRECORD ON TV” book.
  • 8 Episodes: Digital download code for all 8 episodes
  • 17 Songs: Download code for every song featured on HITRECORD ON TV
  • Plus! Bonus 6 special ‘making of’ behind the scenes videos not shown on TV