Joseph Gordon-Levitt performing “Rhythm Nation” on #LipSyncBattle

Joseph Gordon-Levitt by Jim Wright for Gotham

For an interview between friends (Channing Tatum is the interviewer) this is surprisingly tame. I’d like to know more about this incident:

CT: My experience with you in New York has been uniquely interesting.
JGL: You mean the time you climbed up the space of my apartment, broke into my house, and surprised me when I was sleeping in order to prove that I should probably take better care to protect myself because if you were ill intentioned you could have murdered me? That time?


I remember when Gregg was composing shots on the set, he was always all about symmetry, wanting everything to meet up in the center and be equal on both sides. And not only is it like that aesthetically in the composition of the shots, but it’s like that narratively in that it goes back and forth between two storylines, and it’s like that in its cast of characters. (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

Mysterious Skin (2004), dir. Gregg Araki