the homophobia/heteronormativity in china is so real

my mother is watching this talent show in china (w/fan bingbing and two other dudes) and this amazing boy came on and sang female soprano opera and it was fucking brilliant

but this asshole judge was like “you’re a boy you need to stop acting all womanish when you perform. you have a lovely voice but your performance, your expressions, it was just wrong. you need to stop that right now.”

he asked the boy to sing something else, so the boy suggested two other songs but the judge shot both of them down, demanding him to sing something that wasn’t female soprano. 

when they did settle on something and the boy started to sing, the judge yelled at him to stop every time he started getting into the music and swaying or gesturing with his hands, because it was “womanish”

what the fuck what the actual f u c k.

plus the boy said that one major reason he came to perform was to settle something that had been bothering him, because everyone kept on calling him girly when he sang and asking him if he was a girl or a boy, at which point the judge practically screamed “YOU ARE A BOY.”

i am so angry right now.