PART 1 of 2: The Alvaro Chronicles 

(So a little background) 

For the past year or so, I’ve had this really serious relationship with this young chap by the name “Alvaro”, on the ever popular Gay Dating App, Grindr. As you can see, we are pretty serious… 

OK, but really though; initially when he first approached me over a year ago, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. While I was my normal, blunt, self, I still managed to find some understanding for this poor soul. That is until shit got crazy. Long story short, this guy was convinced within a dozen lines of text and a witty comment or five, that I was his boyfriend…. FULL on stage 5 OMEGA-clinger. Combine that with an S.U.V full of equally witty/ forward/ sane homos on their way to Lake Tahoe for a week of karaoke, vodka, and cocaine; well boys and girls, you have what is now THIS conversation. 

I hate myself for losing my initial screen-caps of the original conversation from a year ago, but this will give you an idea of why I even bother keeping this ridiculous app, let alone talking to this kid.  It’s literally an addiction. 

I’m such an asshole. But Not… 



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jgesso replied to your post: jgesso replied to your post: Someone on facebook…

If I read into your post correctly… someone (I assume on the facebook) made a redic’ comment(s) regarding the KONY 2012 video currently going viral. If that is the case, I can relate. Stupid people are stupid.

Omg thank god hahaha. I thought you meant “you too?” as in some kind of cynical “you’re jumping on the Kony bandwagon too?” jab. I’m in cynical defensive mode after that Facebook thing hahaha, so I kind of jumped early on that one. My bad! 

But yeah, people tend to be that way about things. Something gains a lot of recognition all at once and some idiots like to take the “well it’s suddenly popular so now I hate it and everyone that supports it is just doing it to be trendy” approach. Which is pretty much the definition of ignorance: Judging something they refuse to educate themselves about.