1. Mikasa and the Battleship Namesake Myth.

- A popular thing in the Anime and Manga Indrustry was again presented in AoT with the badass femme fatale Mikasa, who was named after the famous Japanese pre-WW2 Battleship Mikasa.

This easter-egg was continued during the AoT Movie, where Levi’s, Reiner’s and Zeke’s replacement was named after another pre-WW2 Battleship. Namely the Shikishima.

It was believed that naming special characters after Battleships makes a series successful, and few notable titles had done this and proven succesful after doing this feat.

2. Erwin Smith and the Desert Fox

- Some of you may have known this a long time: Erwin and Erwin has the same names and October 25 is a very important date between the two.

However, another reference between the two is that they lost a body part, respectively one lost an arm and one lost a leg.

3. The Hitler Jugend and the Warriors.

- Similar to the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) that encourages German Kids that time to embrace Nazism and fight for their Fatherland. The Marleyan Govt. did the same but training 7 year olds to turn into massive chunks of meat and become weapons of destruction.

4. Bertolt and Reiner’s Namesakes…

- Bertolt was actually named after the widely known German Playwright and Director Bertolt Brecht. Who had contributed a lot to playtrugy and theartical production during the German Post-War Theater Indrustry.

- Reiner was named after Rainer Pöttgen, Hans-Joachim Marsielle’s wingman from the JG27. Listed with 5 victories and 8 claims, serving the Luftwaffe’s JG27 from 1942 - 1943. Nothing much is known about him but Pöttgen also served as an inspiration for the Strike Witches character Raisa Pöttgen.

5. The Surname Yeager.

- Eren’s awesome sickenly-sweet badass surname may have been derived from the USAF General Officer Charles “Chuck” Elwood Yeager, the first man who was able to exceed the speed of sound during flight.

He first started as a aircraft mechanic before enlisting as a pilot in the US Air Force in 1942, he fought during WW2, the Cold War and the Vietnam War. While serving the USAF, he also worked as a test pilot for many types of aircraft including experimental Jet-powered Aircraft.

Chuck Yeager, same as Pöttgen and few known WW2 aces, served inspiration to the Strike Witches Character, Charlotte “Shirley” Yeager. SW’s official artist Humikane Shimada drew Shirley wearing 3DMG, a notable reference to AoT and to Eren who was also sharing the same surname….

Marseille had said some very unflattering things about Hitler and the nazi party that seemed not to have been very well received…one of the officers asked him if he had considered joining the party, being a national hero and all…Marseille said something to the effect that “if he saw a party worth joining, he would consider it, but there would have to be some very attractive ladies present”….Galland was laughing uncontrollably as he told me the story, and i have to admit, I laughed also…Yes, Marseille was one in a million. (Eduard Neumann, commander of JG27)


I’ve made a startling discovery. I found what i guess would be the original of The famous photo (2nd) of Marseille and his black friend Mathias. What was the need to ruin a great photo with a lovely background just to get rid of some random guy?

Yet again to my knowledge i have not seen it before on Tumblr in the past Year+ so hope you enjoy this discovery :)