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“YES!” 😁

So the creator of Regular Show (JG Quintel) is making a new regular show; which is for adults. It’s called Close Enough and it’s only on TBS. I seen the trailer and I think it’s gonna be good. Can’t wait!! It’s like Regular Show, but “close enough.” Haha 😄


I am so happy to introduce you my OOAK Helsa dolls inspired by the Norwegian wedding outfit! Both Hans and Elsa are wearing Bunad, the traditional Norwegian dress, and for Elsa’s accessories I have been inspired by the ones from the city of Voss. Everything has been designed and sewed by me, the main materials are felt and microfibres, while the metallic parts are made of micro pearls and earrings components. Undoubtedly, shoes were the most difficult part to create, but I hope they fit them anyway 😛. I really love the traditional dresses from the Nordic countries, I wish to see them in Frozen 2!

I dedicate them to my Helsa friends @queenelsawestergaard @blue-pixiedust @lisuli79 @icestorming @disneysfrozenguy @bookishdruid @jackieblue1565

Ps: Kristanna is in the works!